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Local author releases her 10th book
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Covington resident Dorothy Myers wrote her 10th book, “One Way,” and published it March 9. It’s the 10th book she has written and the second that she has had published.

“Many people have said this is the best book that I’ve written yet,” Myers said.

In the first weekend of its publication, she sold 17 copies to people locally.

This isn’t the only one of her books to receive praise from its readers. Several years ago, she was contacted by a man who had come across a copy of her first published book, “Marked for Life.” After he read it, he felt inclined to contact Myers to tell her it was the best book about the book of Revelation he had ever read in his life.

Myers is originally from England and moved to the United States when she was 19 years old.

For years, she worked for Emory Clinic in Atlanta where she wrote and edited medical journals for the doctors but never attributed any writing talent to herself. After she retired, she discovered her gift and has been writing roughly a book a year since 2005.

“When I write a book, first the title comes to me,” Myers said. “I then search through scriptures, make notes and begin to write.”

She usually spends six to eight months out of a year writing and then spends several months editing.
“One Way” was published through CreateSpace, which is a company that allows authors to edit and publish their own books and sell them through Amazon.

She is set to receive 70 percent of the royalties from this book. She will donate a portion of the proceeds to the church. She attends The Church at Covington, which is located on Ga. Highway 142 near Oxford.