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Kimble: Cloverleaf 4-Hers compete in public speaking
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Abbreviation key
To keep the column short, we’ve
abbreviated the school names next to each student’s name.
EN – East Newton
FH – Flint Hill
FV – Fairview
HM – Heard-Mixon
MR – Middle Ridge
NCTS – Newton County Theme School
OH – Oak Hill
PD – Porterdale
RP – Rocky Plains
SS – South Salem


All year, Cloverleaf 4-H’ers from age 9 through sixth grade have been researching, writing and practicing 4-6 minute illustrated talks.

The second level of competition is County Project Achievement where 117 4-H’ers representing 36 clubs competed.

Oak Hill Elementary had the most competitors with 31. Newton County Theme School had 18; 14 came from South Salem; 12 competed from Flint Hill; and East Newton brought 10 youths.

The top three in each project area can move on to district competition.
Congratulations to all competitors!

•Archaeology 1 Braxton Buff, Bruno (NCTS)
•Arts 1 Claire Bradford, Newsham (HM); 2 Liane Bouchillon, Bruno (NCTS); 3 Isabella Houston, Goddard (MR); Aiyana Cooper, Helms (FV); Davion Haynes, Almand (EN); Saraya Hooks, Harper (OH)
•Between Meal Snacks 1 Shae Cannon, Home School
•Cat Care 1 Dallas Tramel, Fulmer (FH)
•Clothing & Textiles 1 Lauryn Martin, Dowdy (OH)
•Communications 1 Aysia Jacobs, Parker (NCTS)
•Computers 1 Cameron Hunter, Thomas (SS); 2 Connor Barrentine, Sterling (SS)
•Conservation & Recycling 1 Tristan Aldridge, Newsham (HM)
•Crafts 1 Rylan Cloudt, Martin (RP); 2 Maggie Camfield, Bruno (NCTS)
•Dog Care & Training 1 Ke’Mya Hines, Benton (OH); 2 Blaise Norman, Benton (OH); 3 Brittney Townsend, Roberts (HM); Ciara Bolden, (MR); Cecilia Castaneda-Pimentel, Benton (OH); Serai Johnson, Martin (RP); Destini Kitchens, Martin (RP); Bailey Norton, Brickell (FH); Gracie Rains, Newsham (HM); Javan Smith, Benton (OH); Madison Spigner, Brickell (FH); Lexie Spurling, Roberts (HM)
•Electric/Electronics 1 Susan Bishop, Helms (FV); 2 Zach Blankenship, Brickell (FH); 3 Chadni Patel, Fulmer (FH)
•Flowers, Shrubs & Lawns 1 Jianna Greaves, Nolley (SS)
•Food for Health & Sport 1 Christopher Simmons, Bond (OH)
•Food for the Family 1 Ayannah McGee, White (MR)
•General Recreation 1 Duncan Jourdan, Brickell (FH); 2 Dean Thomas, Benton (OH); 3 Anthony Taylor, Dowdy (OH); Jada Fahie, Bond (OH); Conner Jessup, Bond (OH); Elijah Simon, Thomas (SS); Mya Solomon, Bond (OH); Lexington Stocker, Harper (OH); Garrett Williams, Wardingley (NCTS)
•General Science 1 Jane O’Toole, Hawver (FH); 2 Corinne Hanson, Bruno (NCTS); 3 Taneil Gordon, Seagreen (SS)
•Geology 1 Matthew Dibble, Home School; 1 Hanna Willis, Wardingley (NCTS)
•Health 1 Mason Smith, Harper (OH); 2 Abigail Higdon, Sterling (SS); 3 Brooke Waddell, Harper (OH)
•History 1 Ameer Wells, Ondracek (PD); 2 James Neph, Home School; 3 Tyler Warren, Williams (FV); Benjamin Alvarado, Benton (OH); Destiny Daniel, Dowdy (OH); Scott Evritt, Fulmer (FH); Caylah Smith, Harper (OH); Ryan Weaver, Brooks (FV); Kira Williams, Dowdy (OH)
•Horse 1 Anastasia Cannon, Home School
•Human Development 1 Alyssa Pierce, Liberty Middle
•Interior Design 1 Saniah Howard, Bond (OH)
•International 1 Natalia Messan, White (MR)
•Marine & Coastal Ecology 1 Mitchell Witcher, Bruno (NCTS)
•Ocean Ecology 1 Tory Bouchillon, Bruno (NCTS); 2 Bryson Braswell, Wardingley (NCTS)
•Outdoor Recreation 1 Kayleigh Peretz, Bond (OH); 2 Ashley Housworth, Harper (OH); 3 Spencer Whatley, Seagreen (SS); Madison Brown, Thomas (SS)
•Performing Arts General 1 Lauren Pechacek, Sterling (SS); 2 Dasia Faust, Almand (EN); 3 Ashlyn Hardy, Seagreen (SS)
•Performing Arts Instrumental 1 Shemar Williams, Thomas (SS)
•Performing Arts Vocal 1 Yasmine Avery, Harper (OH); 1 Mackenzie Jay, Liberty Middle; 2 Meghan Byrne, Brickell (FH); 3 Jakia Young, Young (EN)
•Plants, Soils & Fertilizers 1 Tristan Grace, Wardingley (NCTS)
•Poultry & Egg Science 1 McKenzie Guerrero, Almand (EN)
•Public Speaking 1 Allie Hay, Wardingley (NCTS)
•Rabbits 1 Neriah Patrick, Williams (FV)
•Safety 1 Laila Maddox, Wardingley (NCTS); 2 Caleb Ellis, Fulmer (FH)
•Sports 1 Ashlynn Sapp, Fulmer (FH); 2 Natalya Cobb, Helms (FV); 3 Elaina Housworth, Dowdy (OH); Amberly Bethune, Benton (OH); Dalehia Bolden, Dowdy (OH); Chris Burney, Horton (HM); Kyle Dial, Ward (SS); Israel Dixon, Wardingley (NCTS); Cade Dumaine, Holmes (EN); Abigail Fincher, Smith (NCTS); Alyssa Garrett, Benton (OH); Jacob Golden, Dowdy (OH); Ronald Graves, Bond (OH); Gracie Greenich, Almand (EN); Sarah Harris, Bruno (NCTS); Cale Huckaby, Young (EN); Latief Huger, Evans (SS); D’Myla Jackson, Young (EN); Samantha Miller, Helms (FV); Nicholas Virgle, Benton (OH)
•Target Sports 1 James Taylor Booth, Wardingley (NCTS); 2 Addison Malcom, Misenheimer (RP)
•Time & Money Management 1 Alana Walker, Sterling (SS)
•Wildlife 1 Chase Malone, Smith (NCTS); 2 Ruby Culberson, Martin (RP); 3 Brinley Blackman, Goddard (MR); Demear Brooks, Young (EN); Tionae Green, Small (PD); Leslee Hedrick, Fulmer (FH); Logan Mask, Almand (EN); Nakiem Poole, Wingate (RP)
•Workforce Preparation & Career Development 1 Maleena Thompson, Bond (OH).

Terri Kimble is the Newton County 4-H Agent through UGA Cooperative Extension. She can be reached at 770-784-2010. or