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Kay Jewelers burglarized
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Thieves reportedly stole an undetermined amount of merchandise from Kay Jewelers Friday.

A report from the Covington Police Department said officers responded around 9 a.m. to a burglary that already occurred at Kay Jewelers, U.S. Highway 278.

Employees, who had not opened the store, reportedly looked through the windows of the store and noticed it had been ransacked. Officers at the scene cleared the store and found that the store had been tampered with.

"Drawers and cabinets had been broken into and there was a faint smell of smoke. It was apparent that entry was made through the rear of the store. The rear door was left open and on the back side, there was a restroom that had a hole cut into it from the adjacent vacant building," the report said.

According to the report, when the officer looked on the outside of the backside of the store, he noticed the neighboring door had been cut open and then from that building, the sheet rock had been cut through into the Kay’s building.

The report said all surveillance equipment had been damaged and destroyed; and all the wires were cut to the phones and computers.

The safe was not broken into, but had significant damage to the side where more attempts were tried, the report said.

CPD Capt. Ken Malcom said the dollar amount of the merchandise stolen is still been determined.

"There was so much taken, we don’t have a precise number of what the total loss is," Malcom said.

Female reportedly attacks live-in boyfriend’s friend

A woman was arrested for reportedly "kicking" and "punching" her boyfriend’s female friend Saturday.

According to a report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy responded to a home at Kirkland Road in reference to an argument just before 3 p.m. A woman, identified as Kenyatta Dukes, 26, reportedly told the deputy she did not want her boyfriend’s female friend in the residence and requested that the deputy have them removed.

However, the deputy explained to Dukes that he could not remove his friend due to the boyfriend’s name also being on the lease.

The deputy left the residence without further incident, the report said.

About 30 minutes later, the deputy was dispatched to the same home in reference to an assault. According to the report, Dukes had kicked, punched and scratched the boyfriend’s female friend, causing scratches and lacerations on the victims face and neck.

Dukes was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Man running in roadway arrested

A Chickamauga man was arrested Saturday after he claimed someone was "trying to kill him."

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the area of Ga. Highway 36 and 162 in reference to a suspicious call. Dispatch notified the deputy that a man was hollering that someone was trying to kill him.

Upon arrival, the deputy found the man, identified as Michael Keeton, 27, in the middle of the highway running in front of passing vehicles, attempting to get them to stop.

The deputy spoke with Keeton, who reportedly said people were chasing him and trying to kill him.

The deputy noted that Keeton appeared to be intoxicated, so he asked Keeton if he had taken any drugs. Keeton reportedly told the officer he had been smoking meth for three days and that he was extremely intoxicated.

Keeton was arrested and charged with pedestrian under the influence of drugs.