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Juvenile on probation beats mom, brother
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A juvenile girl already on probation was arrested Wednesday after reportedly beating up her mother and brother.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Griffin Lane and when they arrived they found a juvenile female sitting on the front porch of the home. When officers approached her and asked her what happened she allegedly said nothing.

The girl’s mother and brother came out on the porch and the mother reportedly told officers that her daughter was currently on probation and officers instructed the woman to call her child’s probation officer. The officer again asked the juvenile what was wrong and how she got a scratch that was visible on her neck, according to reports. She finally replied and allegedly told officers that her mother had scratched her on the neck while trying to break up a fight between the girl and her brother.

When asked what prompted the fight, the girl reportedly told officers that her mother had become upset with her because she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone too long. She was asked what happened after her mother became upset with her and she allegedly replied "me and my brother got into it."

Officers went inside the home to speak with the girl’s mother and saw that she had a black eye, bruises, cuts and scratches on her face and forehead. She also had a wad of hair missing from her head. She reportedly told them that her daughter had done it and that she had also hit her brother (also a juvenile) in the nose and that it was possibly broken.

The mother was asked what happened to cause the ruckus and, according to reports, she told officers that the girl had started a fight with her brother and that it had something to do with her daughter’s boyfriend. She reportedly said that when she tried to break up the fight between her children after her son was hit in the nose, her daughter hit, punched and scratched her.

Officers spoke with the girl’s probation officer and on her request transported the girl to the juvenile detention facility in Sandersville after she was fingerprinted and charged with battery.