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Juvenile kicked out of daycare after running off
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Officers were called to Sharp Learning Center after an Ombudsman student reportedly ran away from his teacher and into the woods Wednesday afternoon.

When officers arrived, they spoke to the teacher and a woman who drives a bus for a 24-hour daycare. This woman said she was waiting at the school to pick the student up when he ran away from the bus and into the wooded area. The bus driver and teacher attempted to follow him, but were unable to cross U.S. Highway 278. They said he had headed to CVS.

Officers headed over to CVS and spoke with a cashier who allegedly said the juvenile was inside the store, and the employees suspected him of shoplifting. Although the looked for him, they were unable to locate the juvenile at the time. They contacted the child's mother and notified her of the issue.

More than an hour later people from the daycare center contacted the officers and told them the juvenile was back. When officers arrived and began speaking with the 11-year-old boy, he reportedly denied being inside CVS, at one point screaming, "I hate the police; they are a bunch of liars!"

Daycare employees did not want the juvenile to remain there and his mother was notified. The child was transported to the CPD and was released to his mother later that evening. Department of Family and Children Services workers reportedly told officers there were active cases pending in court and that the boy is scheduled to be in court in the coming week.