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Junior volunteers get down to business at Newton Medical
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Summer break means something different for 60 Newton County high school students enrolled in Newton Medical Center's Junior Volunteer Program.

The Junior Volunteer program at Newton Medical Center provides a variety of experiences for students ages 14 - 18 and several graduating seniors during the summer. Most students participate in the Scrubs program designed to provide certification in CPR and First Aid.

"In the first session, I had 15 students all learning Heart Saver CPR for adult, child and infant," explains Rhonda Coody, CPR Instructor. "Next week they will have hands-on first aid training."

Students have the opportunity to work one day in each of the 23 participating hospital departments for a three-week session.

"I know I want to go into the medical field and doing this will help me decide on which area to go into," said 15-year-old Courtney Reid.

According to Martha Taylor, director of volunteer services, goals of the program include giving a head start to students going into medical fields, helping students know their career choices are right for them and encouraging students to come back to Newton Medical Center after formal training.

During their orientation, students attend wellness classes taught by an exercise physiologist and a dietician.

"We learned about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and got to make a yogurt parfait - that was fun," said 14 year-old Kim Zeigler.

Other classes offered to the junior volunteers include the skeletal system, medical terminology, lung functions and nursing basics. Students also learn to dress and impress for job interviews. A number of clinical managers at NMC serve as session leaders.

Applications for the Junior Volunteer program are available online in January each year. The program is conducted by the NMC Volunteer Services office at (770) 788-6553