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Heat wave, crime wave
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When a cashier at a Shell service station at 8109 Washington St. realized on Saturday night that her store was getting uncomfortably warm, she went outside to check on the air-conditioning unit.

There, according to reports, she discovered the reason for the change in temperature: the AC unit had been "messed with,’’ and copper was missing.

Covington Police Department officers subsequently discovered that several units behind 8109 Washington St. had been hit by thieves, and pieces of copper and parts were "scattered about.’’ One unit was completely torn apart.

At the scene, police found some Bud ICE cans that were taken in as evidence in the case.

A bad turn

A motorist’s use of an Emory Street driveway to turn around resulted in a report of "terroristic threats’’ on Saturday afternoon, reports said.

A police officer en route to the Emory Street address was advised that the driver was a male and that his vehicle was a white Chevrolet Impala with chrome wheels. He spotted a vehicle matching that description in another Emory Street driveway. Its driver consented to a "Terry frisk,’’and when asked if he had any weapons, said "not on me.’’ The man then told the officer there was a weapon under the front seat of his vehicle. The officer retrieved the weapon and placed it in his patrol car. The man, identified as Terrance Toussaint, told the officer that all he did was turn into the driveway of a man identified as Christopher Decosse, and that Decosse began yelling at him not to use his driveway. According to Toussaint, reports said, the two argued back and forth about his unauthorized use of the driverway, but he did not threaten Decosse with his gun.

When an officer went to speak with Decosse, he said that when he told Toussaint not to use his driveway, Toussaint told him to "shut your punk mouth or I’ll shoot you.’’ Decosse said that he never saw a gun but did see Toussaint reach for something.

The warrant application was explained to Decosse, reports said, and he said that he wanted a report to document what happened.