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Have you seen this turkey?
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Have you seen this turkey?

We hid this extremely life-like ceramic turkey somewhere in Covington, and left you clues where to find it in Sunday’s issue.

The objective was for somebody to string the clues together (they ran on Page 8A on the Great Turkey Hunt Page) and find our little porcelain friend.

But something went awry — somebody gobbled up our turkey but hasn’t come forward to claim their reward.

We should mention the award. Whoever strings the clues together each week will get his name and picture placed in the newspaper. He’ll also receive $100.

Perhaps we should have mentioned that first.

We’ll be running this contest through the end of the month, with new clues being given each Sunday  on The Great Turkey Hunt page of The News. Read the clues and go turkey hunting. 

The last day to turn in the turkey is Wednesdays by 5 p.m. so we can devise a new hiding place.

So if you happened to find our feathered friend in future weeks, bring him by. Our address is 1166 Usher St., Covington. 

If you happen to have our turkey now, drop by our office. We’ll give you your winnings and take him back. No harm, no fowl.