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Hard to keep a big man down
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to investigate a reckless driver who was reportedly driving erratically and failing to stop at stop signs on Old Atlanta Highway.

When officers arrived in the area they reportedly found a black SUV with a loud exhaust pulling into the parking lot of The Depot bar. The vehicle then sped through the bar parking lot, exited onto Emory Street, and then cut through another parking lot and then back onto Old Atlanta, at which time the officer activated his emergency lights in an effort to catch up to the speeding SUV.

According to reports the driver, later identified as 18-year-old Justin Scott Jones, accelerated but began to slow down as he approached West Street. He then accelerated once more through the intersection and turned on Piper Street heading toward US Highway 278, failing to stop at a stop sign or yield to oncoming traffic, according to reports.

Jones turned into Covington Crossing shopping center and reportedly pulled into a parking spot in front of Mickey D’s and then exited the vehicle. The officer exited his patrol car as well and repeatedly told Jones to lie down on the ground - commands which Jones allegedly ignored.

The officer reported that Jones walked away from him and then turned around and began walking toward him at which time the officer fired his Taser at Jones, striking him in the chest and belly button area. Jones reportedly looked down at the probes and then began to run.

He didn’t make it very far as the officer reportedly caught up with him near the Donut King business when he continued to give Jones commands to stop and get on the ground - commands which Jones continued to ignore, according to reports. The officer gave Jones a close-fist strike to the back but instead of causing him to stop, Jones allegedly began running once more.

The officer attempted to push Jones down and Jones reportedly fell and bounced off the glass window of Donut King. The officer then jumped on Jones’ back and attempted to place him on the ground, but Jones, who is roughly 6’6 and 340 pounds stood up, leaving the officer dangling from his back with his feet no longer touching the ground.

According to reports the officer then let go of Jones and used a forward leg sweep which was finally successful in bringing Jones to the ground. Once there, however, Jones reportedly attempted to get back up. The officer grabbed his arm and attempted to place Jones’ hands behind his back but was unable to do so. Finally, a passing motorist stopped his vehicle and assisted the officer in getting Jones’ hands behind his back and cuffed, according to reports.

Jones was placed under arrest and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Since he had defecated on himself, a nurse was called to check him out before they admitted him to the jail where he was charged with obstruction, reckless driving and driving on a wrong class license.

Mouthwash sipper

A man was arrested at CVS after drinking Listerine in the bathroom on multiple occasions.

According to reports from the Covington Police Department, officers were called to the store on the morning of Nov. 7 and met with the manager there who reportedly told them Jeffrey K. Hanes, age 45, was in the restroom at the time.

A few moments later Hanes came out of the restroom and was taken into the office where the manager told him, in front of the officer, to remove the Listerine he had stolen. Hanes allegedly pulled a bottle of Listerine from his pants.

According to the manager Hanes had been coming into the store every morning for about two weeks, taking Listerine from the shelf and going into the bathroom to drink the mouthwash.

After being banned from coming back on the property, Hanes was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with shoplifting.

Drunk woman with baby

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Department were called to the area of Macedonia Church Road at around 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 6 in reference to an intoxicated person walking in the road.

When they arrived they found 35-year-old Penelope Drafton walking with a 2-year-old child. Drafton was allegedly stumbling on the roadway while holding the little girl’s hand. Deputies stopped and asked Drafton to step to the shoulder of the road and she complied, according to reports.

When Drafton walked to the side of the road the deputy reportedly saw an open bottle of Seagrams Seven liquor on Drafton’s person. When asked if she had been drinking she reportedly admitted that she had. She also allegedly told deputies that she had also taken some prescription medication.

After watching Drafton for about 15 minutes it became obvious to the deputy that she was unable to care for herself or the child with her. The deputy contacted Drafton’s mother to come and pick up the little girl and Drafton was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with public drunkenness.