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Gunfire erupts after high school party
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A party for Newton High School students and the football team ended in gunfire Thursday evening according to reports released by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were sent to a home on Emerson Trail in reference to a large group of people fighting, but when they arrived they reportedly found many of those people leaving the area of Emerson and Chesapeake Trace. The deputy parked his patrol car and began walking into the sea of people when he reportedly heard gunshots coming from Trinity Lane and Emerson Trial.

While taking cover the deputy saw a blue truck leave the area where the shots were heard and strike a curb while turning onto Emerson. The deputy got back in his car and followed the truck and stopped it when it was heading back in the direction of Emerson.

The driver and two female passengers stepped out of the vehicle and identified themselves, according to reports. The driver reportedly told deputies that after the party had broken up and people started walking out, someone started shooting at the crowd from the top of the hill.

According to the unidentified man, when he got in his vehicle someone came up to it and started hitting it with a baseball bat and began shooting at him. The female passengers allegedly told the deputies that someone shot the rear passenger window out; though the deputy did not, according to reports, notice any markings indicative of a bullet striking the vehicle.

While the deputy was speaking with the man other people came up and asked to speak with him. He told the deputy that the man in the vehicle and roughly 12 other people had jumped on his little brother while at the party. There was also a point in the evening when someone began shooting a Tech .9 mm gun in the air.

Though no one was arrested at the time, statements were taken and deputies are still investigating the incident.