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Gun pulled in Turner Lake hoops game
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After a shoving spat during a basketball game at the Turner Lake Recreational Complex, a man pulled a gun from his bag Thursday.

According to reports, Shalom Voisin, 23 of Stone Mountain, got into a shoving altercation with Gregory Cordaro Devoes, 25 of Covington. After Devoes punched Voisin, Voisin went into his gym bag and pulled out a 40 caliber Sig Sauer hand gun. According to Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom, Voisin charged the weapon, pulling back the action and held it to his side. Malcom said the weapon was not pointed at anyone.

Reportedly, everyone in the gym then dispersed. According to reports, Voisin put the gun back in his bag and took it to his car as the Covington Police Department was called.

According to Malcom, Voisin was arrested for disorderly conduct, the gun was taken into custody and Devoes was given a citation for disorderly conduct.

Woman who was scammed passes away
A woman, who said she was scammed of approximately $30,000 during the past year, and had Covington Police called to her resident in reference to overdosing on pills on March 19, died March 20.

According to CPD Capt. Ken Malcom her death, which occurred while in I.C.U., is being investigated by the coroner’s office.

Police were first made aware of the 80-year-old Covington resident when they responded to a report on July 3 that she was contacted by a Jamaican sounding caller. According to reports, the woman was told she won $6 million, a Mercedes Benze and a flat screen TV. It was also reported that she was asked to send money via Western Union on approximately 10 occasions.

Police reports said the elderly woman stated she sent approximately $8,000 to an unidentified male.
Then on March 19, she reported to police that she did not want to live anymore because she had nothing to live for.

According to reports, she told the officer that Bob Marley called and asked her several times to send money. Marley asked her to open an account with Peoples Bank and Bank of America before sending her several checks in her name to cash at the banks. The woman told police that she owes the banks and several creditors money to replace the funds.

According to reports, the woman cashed the checks and sent the funds to Jamaica via Western Union.

The woman told officers she remained in contact with Bob Marley until she threatened to call the police, and Marley told her to never call again.

Newton EMS transported the woman, who said she sent a reported $30,000 to Bob Marley within a year, to Newton Medical Center.

From incense to incensed
After a young person tried to sell a couple incense for the second time Thursday evening, a couple reportedly instigated a fight and was arrested for disorderly conduct and battery by the Covington Police Department.
Responding to a call concerning a large fight in front of El Charro on Elm Street, officers found a male staggering and unsteady on his feet, which they determined was due to being under the influence of alcohol.
According to reports, the man, identified as John Roberts, had what appeared to be a laceration to his right arm and was bleeding.

While one officer was speaking with Roberts, another tracked down the other party involved in the fight at Checkers thanks to a vehicle description given by the person who called in the incident. The other party was a 15-year-old juvenile.

Roberts’ wife, Pamela Roberts recounted to police how a child sold her incense earlier in the evening when they were at the Depot. Pamela continued to tell the police that after they left the Depot and came to El Charro for dinner, the child came up and tried to sell them more incense, and was told “no.”

According to reports, Pamela saw the 15-year old, who she believed was an adult, sitting on a bench outside the restaurant letting the smaller children walk inside selling incense. She then, reportedly, became upset, confronted the juvenile, cursing, telling him “he needed to stop using his kids and pimping them out to make him money.”

According to reports, that is when John Roberts stood up and started arguing with the juvenile, and the fight started.

Other customers said Pamela Roberts instigated the fight, and another caught it on video, which police used for confirmation.

John Roberts was arrested for battery and Pamela for disorderly conduct. The juvenile was given a verbal warning for approaching people inside businesses trying to sell items.