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Ga. State Trooper throws hat in ring for District 1

Georgia State Trooper Nathan Bradley, a 24-year-old Republican, is running for Newton County’s Board of Commissioners District 1 seat. This seat is currently held by John Douglas, who recently announced that he will not be running for reelection.

While Bradley is new to the political scene, his story is not as unfamiliar.
Most people might know him for coming to the aid of three children on Halloween. The children had been orphaned after tragic car accident took the lives of both of their parents. Called to the scene, he did his best to try and make sure they had a great Halloween, providing candy, movies and most of all, compassion.

Now he’s once again trying to help his community by running for Commissioner to clean up what he says are some of the main problems that he’s seen in his years working for Newton County. Some of those problems include public safety.

“Public safety is a huge concern, and a large part of the commissioning budget,” Bradley said.
Bradley, who has attended several board of commissioners meetings, says he often sees people trying to be heard by commissioners.

“Maybe I can be that guy who helps make their voices heard,” Bradley said.

Another main issue he hopes to put on his plate is renovating Newton County’s landfill, which he feels is in dire need of repair.

“The landfill is leaking,” Bradley said. “I’ve been looking at other county’s landfills, and other counties actually have their landfills set up so that they can dig up the garbage and then burn it. It makes it so the landfills last a lot longer, and the county can get more use out of it.”

He is also interested in finding a new tax income so taxes won't have to be raised.

One thing that have some people dubious about Bradley is his age. However, in a rebuttal to such concerns, he says that “my age doesn't mean that I don't have experience”.

He has had a long history of service to the county, from working with the fire department, to EMT’s.
Primary elections for board of commissioners, and other county officials will be held at the Newton County Administrative Building May 24.