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Fradulent Budweiser check leaves bad taste
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A proposed deal to pay a man to place Budweiser advertising on his vehicle, turned out to a cruel trick.

A Covington man told police he was contacted on the phone about placing advertising for Budweiser on his vehicle in exchange for $300.

The Covington police report states that the person was contacted by a person saying if the man got his vehicle wrapped in Budweiser logos he would be paid to drive around.

The subject was given instructions to deposit a check given to him for $1,970.22, of which he could keep $300, into his account but then send the rest of the money to a Bank of America account. According to reports, the check he deposited was a fake, and the funds were taken from his account by his bank, People’s Bank.

Another check, this time for $2,550.22 was sent by a Provident Bank out of Mt. Ivy, New York, with a request to deposit it in the same Bank of America account, and again keep $300. The man did not fall for the trick this time, but turned over the evidence, including copies of the package labels, print outs of bank statements and receipts, to CPD investigators.