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Four arrested in Depot bar ruckus
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Police officers put a man in an arm bar, Tasered a woman to the ground and arrested two others, who, reportedly, attempted to incite the crowd that gathered to watch the encounter outside of the Depot bar around 2 a.m. Sunday.

According to reports, Jimmy Neal Patton refused to leave the Depot after repeatedly being asked by employees following an altercation with both customers and staff inside the bar.

When Covington Police arrived on the scene at around 1:56 a.m., bar employees told the officers the man in question, Patton, had a firearm.

According to reports, when the officers approached Patton and asked him if he had a weapon, he replied yes, while simultaneously reaching behind his back with his left hand. One of the officers grabbed Patton by his arm and placed him in an arm bar to prevent him for reaching for a possible weapon.

The reports continued that while this was occurring Wayne Charles Mackenzie was reportedly screaming “get your … hands off of him.” Mackenzie was then Tasered to the ground by the officer.

According to reports, a large crowd of customers had gathered at this point, surrounding the officers with Patton in an arm bar and Mackenzie Tasered. The officers then needed to threaten to use their Tasers again to keep the crowd at bay.

Backup officers then arrived and performed crowd control. However, while Patton and Mackenize were being taken to patrol cars, Tiffany Payton approached the officers and told them she would file a complaint regarding the use of Tasers. According to reports, the officers told Payton it was time for her to leave. She refused and continued to use vulgar language, and appeared to the officers, to be trying to incite the crowd.

Another member of the crowd, Brent Parker also refused to leave the premises. According to reports, Parker was “shooting birds” at the officers in what was deemed another “attempt to incite the crowd.”

Parker and Payton were arrested, with officers reportedly feeling they were both obviously under the influence of alcohol, for public intoxication.

Mackenzie was arrested for disorderly conduct, felony obstruction and removing of an officer’s weapon.

After a search of Patton, officers didn’t find a gun, according to reports. However, employees form the Depot approached the officers with a holstered .40 caliber handgun loaded with 10 rounds in the magazine and an empty chamber. According to reports as the Depot’s employees were forcefully removing Patton from the bar they saw he had a hand gun in the small of his back and were able to take possession of it.

Patton was charged with misdemeanor obstruction, carrying a firearm without a permit and carrying a firearm within a bar.