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Flapjacks for 4-H on coming this month
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Members of the Newton County 4-H group are flipping flapjacks on Oct. 29 to earn money for 4-H camps and service projects.

Member Lavendar Harris organized the fundraiser with Applebee’s on Highway 278 in Covington to enable each 4-H’er to raise funds for the project they most need.

For many, the money will be used toward 4-H summer camp or leadership conferences throughout the year.
The cost of a week at summer camp runs from $330 to $400 next summer.

Tickets are $5 each must be purchased from a 4-H’er or the 4-H office by Tuesday, Oct. 25. Breakfast includes three pancakes, two sausage links, and the choice of coffee, tea, juice or soda.

Three dollars from the sale of each ticket will go to that 4-H’er’s account held at the 4-H office. If they are unable to attend camp, the funds must be used toward another 4-H event or service project or transferred to the camp scholarship fund.

Donations are also gratefully accepted.

Purchases made through the 4-H office may designate a specific 4-H project, be split between all members of 4-H participating or go to the camp scholarship fund.

On the day of the breakfast, 4-H members will serve as greeters and seaters at the restaurant. Adult volunteers and parents will deliver and bus in the food. Applebee’s employees will prepare the food.

For anyone who knows of any other fundraiser opportunities, please contact me with ideas.

Harris is personally selling tickets to raise funds to adopt an animal at the zoo where she volunteers each week, Bear Hollow Wildlife Park in Athens.

“I’ve been volunteering there for two years, and so I’m thinking of it as a way of giving thanks for letting me volunteer there,” Harris said.

She currently serves as a Junior Intern Supervisor at the park, feeding animals, assisting with medication and care and educating the public through wildlife programs.

“I love caring for the deer and turkeys because that is my zone, and I get really up close and personal with the deer,” she said. “I have a very strong connection with the female deer, Rose, that lives there.”

Harris’ 4-H project is wildlife and marine science, and last year she won second at State 4-H Congress with her demonstration on the zoo’s blue tongue skink.

Her goal is to raise $100 for a gold level sponsorship of one of the zoo’s newest residents, the otter.

By organizing the group event, Harris is helping other families fund their goals while also reaching hers.

She will use the results to apply for a 4-H Leadership in Action award in the spring. District winners earn a trip to State 4-H Congress for final interviews.

State level competitors can earn Master 4-H status, scholarships or a trip to National 4-H Congress, or grant money toward furthering their project.

“I love volunteering at Bear Hollow because it exposes me to opportunities such as educating guests, and it also lets me see the different careers that go on at the zoo,” Harris said.

To purchase tickets toward Harris’ or other 4-H’er’s projects or camps, visit us in the Newton County Administration Building by Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Early voting begins on Monday in the same building, so it’s easy to knock out two things at once.

Or, you can buy your tickets now, then vote after breakfast — Saturday voting takes place on October 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To find your sample ballot, visit the Georgia “My Voter Page” at and enter your information. Sample ballots are also available at the elections office on the first floor.

Terri Fullerton is a County Extension Agent in 4-H Youth with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.