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Fixing up the old school
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Time for a fix-up: Peachtree Construction Services President Tom Smithdeal, Newborn Mayor Roger Sheridan and project engineer Michael Clark stand in front of the Newborn Community Center after signing a contract to begin renovations.

Smithdeal said construction on the old schoolhouse is expected to start Thursday and his firm expects to be completed with its work by the end of September. Much of the $109,060 cost was provided by private donations. Two anonymous donors provided $10,000 each, the Newborn Heritage Trust also donated $10,000 and Hulon H. Adams donated $46,000 through the Newton Fund.

Peachtree will replace the building’s ramps, repair the foundation, fix the roof including re-shingling it and insulate the building, Smithdeal said. Sheridan said he hopes to book the building for events as soon as it’s open.