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Fists swing on couple's night out
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Covington Police were called to Domino’s Pizza just before 2 a.m. Sunday morning when an employee  reported that a woman covered in blood had entered the business. Once on the scene, police spoke to the woman, whom police said was "extremely upset" and had blood coming from her nose; dried blood on her neck, chest, arms and legs; and whose eyes appeared to be bruised and swollen.

The woman told police that she and her husband, Michael Hurm, had been having marital problems. She said that they left the Trapeze Club, a swinger’s nightclub in Atlanta, and about five exits after leaving the club, her husband started beating her, and she didn’t know why. The woman said she punched Hurm back to try to defend herself, before he stopped the car in the Domino’s parking lot, where she jumped out and ran inside. He drove off. 

Another officer standing in the parking lot noticed a dark SUV pull up in front of Domino’s, and a white male, later identified as Hurm, reportedly walked toward the officer with his hands in front of him and said, "Might as well take me in, too." Police reported that Hurm’s shirt sleeve was torn and covered in what appeared to be blood and his right pants leg was covered in blood.

Hurm also told police that he and his wife were at the Trapeze in Atlanta, which he said they had talked about and then set rules in order to "spice up" their marriage. While inside the club, Hurm told police, his wife broke the rules and was only talking to single men and not couples. He said he told her they were leaving.

Hurm told police that as he was driving down Interstate 285, he and his wife began arguing, and she began hitting him in the face, so he punched her in the face. Hurm told police he tried to hold his wife away with his right hand and she began biting and scratching his arm during the ride, until he eventually pulled off the interstate at Domino’s, where he left her. Police reported that Hurm smelled of alcohol and said he admitted to having a few drinks, rum and Diet Coke, at the bar. As police were talking to Hurm’s wife, Hurm came inside Domino’s and said his wife started hitting him as he was driving down the interstate. When Hurm walked into Domino’s, police said, his wife became "very anxious and scared" and tried to run to the back of the business.

Police calmed the woman down and asked her how she and Hurm ended up in Covington, at which point, police said, she looked confused and said she did not know where Covington was and became upset again. She was evaluated by EMS and taken to Clearview Medical Center in Monroe for further evaluation. Hurm was charged with driving under the influence and taken to the Newton County Jail. No charges were filed for battery, as it was unclear where the altercation occurred.

Birthday fight

Covington Police officers responded to an area of Hopkins Street and Blair Street in a response to a reported fight after a birthday party. Police met with two groups of individuals, one group at Blair Street and another group at Hopkins Street around 4 p.m. Monday. At Hopkins Street, an officer spoke with a woman who said her children asked if they could go to a birthday party on Blair Street, which she allowed them to do. The woman said her son returned home and told her that the people at the party told him he had to leave, calling him a name.

Police reported that the woman and her husband went to the Blair Street residence to question the parents about the incident. As the couple approached the home, they were reportedly approached by two white males, who, according to the police report, jumped the woman’s husband and pulled him into a ditch, where he was hit and kicked by the two men.  The woman said her husband told her to jump on the men, so she did, the report said.

Police said the woman had scratches on her face, arms and leg, and her husband had a bruise on his neck and his shirt was torn.

A man and woman at the Blair Street home told police that the couple from Hopkins Street came down the street arguing about what had been said to their son. The Blair Street woman said the woman from Hopkins Street jumped on her and that’s when the fight started.  The man from Blair Street said he grabbed the woman’s husband from Hopkins Street in a bear hug and told him to "take his crazy wife with him," as he pulled him into a ditch. Police reported that the man from Blair Street had a swollen, red right eye and scratches, and the woman with him had scratches on her face and arm.

Both couples reported that after the fight, they both went back to their homes. Police said both groups exchanged information and would have to decide if they wanted to have a warrant hearing.

Breaking and entering

Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a home on Radcliffe Trace in Covington just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday night in reference to a family fight. Deputies said a complainant told them that Gerald Wilson, 30, was banging at the front door and cursing to gain entry into the home.

Deputies said Wilson, who was reportedly intoxicated, then climbed through the basement window of the house and destroyed a section of the staircase. Deputies arrested and charged Wilson with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.