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Find the right software
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Let's continue this week with the different highlights of each of the free software.

Register or sign-in on the homepage. Click on the word "Products." Scroll down till you see Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and click download. Once you have download the database then you can read in the Help section, Getting Started and the User's Guide.

This is a professional genealogy program and a Wiki open to all. It is a community project created, developed and governed by genealogists. Go to the homepage and click on Download Gramps 3.3 in the top right corner and follow the prompts. You can also click on the toolbar labeled "documentation" to read how to use this database.

You will need to explore this database and watch all the tutorials to see if this database fits your needs. The standard version (free) may be enough for you or you may want to invest and use the deluxe version with all its extra features.

• (free based on 250 ancestors) This is a great database that allows anyone to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. This database is not downloaded on to your computer as a database but is strictly accessible to you online. The free version allows you 250 MB of storage and 250 people. You are able to keep track of how much MB you have used and how many ancestors you have inputted by clicking on account, then site settings. The advantage of this database is that the storage is online and accessible from anywhere opposed to having a downloaded database on your computer. The downside is that after you have used up the storage and the ancestors, you will have to upgrade to the next version (premium) which gives your 2500 ancestors and 500 MG storage or to the Premium Plus which is unlimited ancestors and storage.

Register your account to connect with your family past, present and future. You can build an interactive family tree of your ancestry. You can invite your parents or grandparents to collaborate online and fill in the missing details as well as share contact details with birthdays to sisters, brothers, cousins, etc. You can add photos and events and link to blogs and websites of your family.

Ellen Chit Chats
Ezri writes: My grandmother turned 100 years old when I was a child and I remember a newspaper article about her 100th birthday. The date would have been August 22, 1946 for a paper in either Davidson County or Cheatham County, Tenn. Can you tell me how to go about finding that article?
Ezri, great question about locating an article in a historical paper. First, locate your grandmother in the 1940 census to find out exactly what city and county she lived in. If you cannot find her in 1940 census because it has not been indexed yet, try the 1930 census. When you find out exactly what city and county she lived in, the next step would be to see what papers were published in that city and county. Unfortunately, only a fraction of newspapers are visible online and old fashioned hard work will be needed to find this article. You can also go to the local library in the city and county she lived and ask to see the microfilm of the newspaper for the month/year the article would be published. Nashville Public Library ( might be a place to start. The following is a list of available historical newspapers on file at the Nashville Library:

•E:6 Nashville Banner
•B:8 Nashville Globe African-American
•H:7 Nashville Good News Weekly
•H:8 Nashville Record Nashville Tennessean
•H:10 Tennessee Register Catholic (Nashville)
•H:10 Trades and Labor News trade union

Ellen Blakeslee is a professional Genealogist living in Covington. You can email her at with any questions or concerns.