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Film makes for wizardly weekend
Pictures from the midnight showing of Harry Potter
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Thursday night's midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was bittersweet for my Littles and me. Surrounded by hundreds of fans dressed in tribute of their favorite boy wizard, we watched the very last installment of the Harry Potter stories hit the big screen and carry us on a ride we already knew by heart, but didn't chance even a blink for fear of missing something. That something is a magic that transcends both the screen and the page.

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The Harry Potter stories captured my imagination back in 1998 and never let go. The Teenager was just barely four years old and my middle-Little was born the very next year. My love for these stories has grown as they have. We've read them together and watched the movies over and over again. Even the little-Little enjoys hearing them read aloud and watching the films. I think when you can share something special like this with all three of your children who range in age from 6 to 16, it truly is magical.

For the first film, there was no midnight showing. A group of friends and I wore our matching Quidditch shirts to the movie theatre by the Hank Aaron ball park in Mobile, Alabama at noon. I was overjoyed with the first movie experience. I watched the second one alone at a midnight showing. Still a faboo experience. The Teenager started going to the midnight showings with the third film and the middle-Little joined in with the fourth. We've been going to the midnight showings ever since.

The Harry Potter stories are filled with magic, redemption, love and wonder. They've been a good fit for my family from the very beginning. It was with a heavy heart I watched the end credits roll on this last film, but I was glad to be with my Littles and all those other fans who braved torrential rains and a late, late night to watch our hero prevail. I'm not the only muggle who shed a tear tonight for the boy who lived.