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Fights result in weekend stabbings
Separate incidents lead to arrests under the Family Violence Act
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 In two separate incidents over the weekend, three Covington residents were arrested after family arguments escalated to stabbings.

 Friday evening Covington Police Officer J.W. Blankenship arrived at a residence on Woodland Avenue in response to a call about two men fighting. Upon arrival, Blankenship made contact with Sharrie Abrams, who, according to the report, told him her brother had stabbed her husband, who sped away in her vehicle while her brother remained inside the house.

 Blankenship entered the residence, which, according to the report, showed evidence of an altercation, and found a calm Kevin Larmar Singleton, Sharrie Abrams’ brother, sitting at the kitchen table.

 According to the report Singleton said the incident began when his sister was about to drive her 11-year-old child to a friend’s house and his brother-in-law Carl Abrams stated he was going with her.

 Singleton was reportedly told by his brother-in-law to stay at the house and watch the other 4-year-old child because "he did not help out around the house anyway."

 An argument ensued and Singleton said Carl eventually tried to place him in a strangle-hold from behind. He told Blankenship that because he was unable to free himself from Carl’s grasp, he pulled out his pocketknife and stabbed him twice in the leg before spinning around and puncturing either his chest or his stomach.

 Carl Abrams then reportedly left the kitchen and came back swinging two golf clubs at Singleton, who opened the freezer door to block the pummeling. Once Singleton wrestled the clubs from Abrams and showed him the knife once again, Abrams ran out of the house and threw a lawn ornament before leaving in vehicle.

 Singleton concluded his interview with Blankenship by saying, "I’ve always told him that if he ever puts his hand on me, I would kill him."

 Back-up officers watched Singleton as Blankenship spoke with Sharrie Abrams. She confirmed Singleton’s story about the incident.

 Blankenship advised other officers to look out for the Abrams’ green SUV, which was probably en route to the hospital.

 He then arrested Singleton for aggravated assault and transported him to the Newton County Detention Center.

 At the Newton Medical Center emergency room, Blankenship made contact with the Abrams. Carl said Singleton had become infuriated when he was asked to watch their youngest child and stabbed him in the stomach. He then retaliated by striking Singleton with golf clubs.

 Blankenship reported that Abrams had only been stabbed in the stomach area and not in the leg and had superficial cuts around his face. While Abrams was not yet released from the hospital when Blankenship made his report, he did take out a warrant against him for aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act.


Scorned woman

 CPD Officer Clint Kitchens arrived on the scene of a family fight on Durden Circle Sunday night in response to a 911 hang up call.

 Upon arrival he found Eula Nash standing in the front yard of the home holding a bloody towel over his left shoulder. Nash explained to Kitchens that his former live-in girlfriend had stabbed him after an argument about having other women in the house.

 Kitchens then handcuffed the woman standing at the front door talking on a cell phone so he could search for the weapon in question.

 The woman was identified as Calion Tyler — Nash’s girlfriend for nine years, who had moved out of the home on Durden Circle in July. Kitchen’s reported a strong smell of alcohol emanating from Tyler, who mumbled and slurred her speech when telling him that another woman had actually cut Nash.

 Nash said another female was at the residence at the time of the argument but left quickly after Tyler stabbed him. According to the report, Nash was lying in bed when Tyler came in drunk and belligerent and slashed his arm with a steak knife from the kitchen.

 Blood spatter throughout the house corroborated Nash’s story. Kitchens located the bloody knife and secured it into evidence.

 EMS examined Nash at the scene and had a family member drive him to the emergency room.

 Kitchens then arrested Tyler for aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act and transported her to the Newton County Detention Center.