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Fight between brothers involved hammer
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Two brothers were arrested after a fight involving a girl ended in blows, and with one brother wielding a hammer.

According to reports from the Covington Police Department, officers were called to a home on Hillcrest Drive in reference to a fight, and told that one of the people involved had fled in a blue Jeep. They saw the Jeep on the way to the address where the fight occurred and detained 30-year-old Clinton Damon Townley until matters could be settled.

When they arrived at the time they met with 19-year-old Jon Trevor Townley who allegedly told them while walking out of his bedroom he heard his brother Clinton call his girlfriend a "skanky" expletive. A fight began immediately afterwards between the two men.

Reports indicate that Jon told officers he and his brother began to "wrestle around in the dining room and living room" and during this altercation Clinton pulled a hammer out of his shorts and attempted to hit him with it. He said that his father came into the home and separated the brothers.

Clinton and Jon's mother reportedly told officers that the brothers first got into a fight two weeks ago and were not supposed to have contact with one another. She also said that along with calling Jon's girlfriend a name he also made a racist comment about the girlfriend's child, which also angered Jon. She told officers that the hammer Clinton had used during the fight had been picked up by him from the back porch of the home.

According to the men's father, he didn't know what the fight was about but when he heard it going on he went inside and separated the two.

The officers noticed marks on both men, especially Jon, who had bruising to the left side of his chest, his left and right knees, left side of his torso, right side of his torso and neck and the top of his head. There was also a hole in the wall due to the altercation.

Clinton reportedly told officers that he had wanted to apologize to his brother's girlfriend about the fight two weeks before which also involved her but that she wouldn't talk to him. He was "determined to make things right" so he kept attempting to speak with her and when she refused to talk with him he admitted to calling her a "skank."

He also said that Jon attempted to hit him with a vase. He admitted to brandishing a hammer but said he had not intentions of using it on his brother.

Both brothers were transported to Newton Medical Center to be treated for their injuries before being transported to the Newton County Detention Center, where they were both charged with Family Violence Act battery and criminal trespassing. Jon was also booked in on an outstanding probation violation warrant.