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Family Fights at Waffle House
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A family was arrested early Sunday morning after a woman was reportedly attacked while eating at Waffle House. Witnesses said she had asked the family trio to stop fighting in the restaurant and leave.

Officers were called to the Waffle House on U.S. Highway 278, where witnesses said a man with no shirt came into the restaurant and started hitting people, including a woman who was, according to dispatch operators, "going unconscious."

When officers arrived, a large group of people reported that the trio responsible for the alleged ruckus had left in a burgundy Ford truck. Witnesses were able to provide the tag number, and officers pulled the truck over shortly thereafter.

While one group of officers dealt with the people accused of starting the altercation, another group met with the female victim, who was sitting in the Waffle House parking lot. She had been hit on the left side of her face, and that area, including her left eye, appeared red and swollen, according to reports. She allegedly told officers that she was hit by a man who was "heavy-set, hairy, had short hair and was not wearing a shirt."

The trio in the truck was identified as Glenn, Justin and Stephanie Trojanek. Witnesses allegedly told officers that when the three came into the restaurant, Glenn appeared intoxicated and began arguing with other intoxicated customers. They said the three Trojaneks were the primary aggressors in the arguments.

The victim reportedly was not at all involved in the arguments, but had allegedly told the group to stop fighting and leave. At that point, Glenn Trojanek reportedly struck her in the face.

Inside the restaurant, broken dishes, broken glasses and food were strewn all over the floor, reports said.

The Trojaneks were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.