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Eight adults arrested at awards ceremony at elementary school
Fight started over saved seat
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Eight people were arrested at an awards ceremony at Oak Hill Elementary School after a large fight began over a saved seat in the cafeteria.

According to reports from the Newton County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to the school around 12:15 p.m. Thursday afternoon. When they arrived, other parents and school staff had the feuding adults separated and as deputies began speaking with them an unfortunate picture emerged of how the altercation began.

Witnesses reportedly told deputies that one woman sat her purse in a chair in an attempt to reserve it for a family member but another woman, 38-year-old Jennifer Renee Bullard sat in the seat. When the other woman told her she was reserving the seat Bullard allegedly told her the seats weren't assigned or reserved.

The two began arguing and were separated by 44-year-old Gregory Lee Horton who sat between them. Once the arguing subsided 30-year-old Jennifer Lynn Smith reportedly turned to her friend - the woman who had attempted to save the seat - and allegedly said "just act your class, not ghetto." After which, the women began arguing again with Horton once more attempting to break up the fight, reportedly telling them to stop.

Bullard allegedly stood up and put her hand near Horton's face and he swatted her hand away. He then pointed his finger in Bullard's face, which is when 17-year-old Anthony Lamonte Bullard and 20-year-old Randall Leon Harvey reportedly jumped across the cafeteria table and onto Horton.

Horton allegedly began swinging at Harvey and Anthony Bullard which reportedly caused 34-year-old Jamal Lorde Sewer to push Horton. After the push, Horton allegedly began swinging at Sewer. During the altercation between the men, 42-year-old Stephanie Renee Capers reportedly began fighting with Jennifer Bullard and 33-year-old Monica Elaine Greene began fighting with Capers and Horton.

Faculty at the school, along with other parents, were forced to enter the brawl to separate the eight adults that were fighting and place them in separate rooms. The Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) was notified of the arrests and the children of the adults fighting were turned over to family members not arrested.

Anthony Lamonte Bullard, 17; Randall Leon Harvey, 20; Jennifer Renee Bullard, 38; Jamal Lorde Sewer, 34; Monica Elaine Greene, 33; Stephanie Renee Capers, 42; and Gregory Lee Horton, 44, were all charged with affray and disruption of a public school. Jennifer Lynn Smith, 30, was charged with disruption of a public school.