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Student hits school bus official during drill
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A 16-year-old Newton High School student reportedly hit a school bus official during an evacuation drill at the school earlier this week.

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office responded to the school bus parking lot on Ram Way, where transportation personnel said that students were taking part in bus evacuation drills, with some students not completing the drills properly.

Those students were asked by a school bus official to redo the drill correctly.

According to the report, one male student, instructed by the school bus administrator to redo the evacuation drill, began cursing at the administrator and continued to complete the drill incorrectly.

The official asked the student to do the drill again and, according to the report, that’s when the student became upset, used more profanity and struck the arm of the official overseeing the evacuation drill.

The student was removed from the bus and taken to the NHS administration office with no further incident, the report said.

The teen faces juvenile charges of assault/simple battery and was released to his parents.

In addition, said Sherri Davis-Viniard, public relations director for Newton County Schools, "As a result of this incident, the student involved has been disciplined according to the rules in the student handbook."