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Silly, sublime names sent in for new school
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Here's a look at the names suggested for the new elementary school on Airport Road.

Community Input/Suggested Names For New Elementary School


Aim Elementary

Since it would be on Airport Road, how about something that reflects aim high?


Airfield Elementary School



Airline Elementary

Geographic location


Airport Elementary

(Mascot: Jets)

(Motto: Souring to new heights)

Because it’s off Airport Road; seems fitting; geographic location – named after the street it’s located on; seems a logical choice based on location and the school’s surroundings.


Airport Grove Elementary

Airport Grove is a populated place located in Newton County at latitude 33.6647 and longitude 88.845 off of Hwy. 142 where the new school will be approximately located.


Airport North Elementary School

Geographic location


Airport Road Elementary

Located on Airport Road; located on north end of the county; simple – street name.


Alana Academy

Alana is such a unique name for a school no other school would have it.


Alcovy Elementary

Geographic location; Alcovy High School.


Alcovy River Elementary

Geographic location.

Antebellum Elementary

To recognize the time which Oxford was founded and to pay homage to the architecture that we still see today.


Atlantis Elementary

Have water slides and pools. Make school a place where kids want to go and learn. Show that you actually care about kids by building a school based on a theme not just call it a theme school but have it same old same old.


Aviation Elementary School

The school is on Airport Road



State wildflower


Blue Ridge Elementary School

Blue Ridge are the name of the mountains that run through North Georgia.



Cherokee is in honor of the Cherokee Indians of Georgia. The Cherokee Indians’ alliance with the British during the settlement of Georgia demonstrated the importance of education by sharing and learning. The creation and development of the Cherokee Alphabet by Sequoyah is another positive example of the importance of education.


Cherokee Rose

That is the state flower for Georgia and we already have a school named after the state tree.


Childers Elementary School

Because it sounds interesting and educational.


City of Covington Elementary School

We don’t have a school named after our own city yet! Over 20 schools and none named after Covington itself? This should change that seeing as we do living in Covington and a lot of the school’s boundary is close to the square.


City Pond

(Mascot: the ducks)

Geographic location


Civil Elementary

Named for the Civil War


Cornish Creek Elementary

Geographic location; Cornish Creek is a major feeder of Lake Varner – reservoir for Covington; is located on the border of the Cornish Mountain community; prominent landmark in the area.


Cornish Mountain Elementary

Three generations of family have farmed and lived in the general area known as the Cornish Mountain area – located just off Flat Rock Road and within ¾ mile of the school location; Cornish Mountain is a mountain that is located in this area of Newton County; geographic location; prominent landmark in the area.


Covington Elementary

Because it is in Covington and not one school is called Covington in it; it is the city for which the school is built in.


Covington North Elementary

The school site is north of Covington. There are other schools that represent Porterdale, Newton County but none represent the city of Covington.


Creekside Elementary

The Creek Indians roamed this area until the mid 1800s when they were removed by the federal government.


Dogwood Elementary

The Dogwood tree is one of the most beautiful trees in Georgia in the spring.


Eastside Elementary

Geographic location.


Emory Elementary

Because you have Emory College out that way, and Hwy. 81 turns into Emory Street.


Enterprise Elementary

Who doesn't like “Star Trek”? And the aircraft carrier is the biggest the U.S. has.


Erudite Elementary or The Erudite School of Newton County

I am suggesting this name because we are encouraged to teach students new words and build their vocabulary. This will be an opportunity to share and teach the community a new word. By doing so, we can set the expectations of our children high by giving a name that stands out and defines what is expected to happen for our students.


Evergreen Elementary

Evergreen trees are everywhere in Georgia! I think this name will represent our state well and it has a nice ring to it!


Excelsior Elementary

I wanted to combine the word excellence and success for the new elementary school.


Flat Rock Elementary

Geographic location; name of a near road and landform.


Flint Hill Elementary

This section of Newton County was once known as the Flint Hill community and there was a school in that area many years ago. There is still a one-room schoolhouse by the same name a couple of miles. It would be appropriate to have a one room school house and a brand new state of the art facility with the same name. It would be a testament to how far this community has come.


Georgetown Elementary

The area where the school is located used to be known as the Georgetown community.


Gum Creek Elementary

Most of the roads in Oxford somehow connect to Gum Creek Road.


Hazelbrand East Elementary

Geographic location.


Hazelbrand Elementary

Geographic location.

Heart of Newton Elementary

Something I came up with.


Heritage Elementary



Honey Bee Elementary

The honey bee is the state insect and the mascot could be the bee.


Lake Varner

Geographic location.


Landmark Elementary

Because the school is going to be the biggest in Newton County so it will be a landmark.


Legacy Elementary



Maple Tree Elementary

The city of Oxford is all about saving trees and the environment. What better name than something that comes from it.


Meadow View Elementary

Geographic location.


Merryvale Elementary

I chose Merryvale Elementary due to the Merryvale Retirement Home.


Mystic Elementary

Name it after the TV show filmed here that is bringing in more revenue and helping to stabilize the economy.


Nam Et Ipsa Scientia Potestas Elementary

Latin for: And thus knowledge itself is power!


New Horizons Elementary

Proximity to airport; flying; horizon line; a fresh start for new students.


Newton County Elementary

Because it will be a great idea to have elementary school named after the county. Because we need it.


Newton Crossings Elementary

Due to all the roads that intersect in that area.


Newton Elementary

It's the largest elementary school in Newton County and children will come from a large area within Newton; I thought since it is a new school and in Newton County that it might work since it was a name close to the others.


North Newton Elementary

(Mascot: North Newton Knights)

In our county we have East Newton Elementary, West Newton Elementary, Eastside and this school is on the north end of our county so I think it would be great to call it North Newton Elementary.


North Oxford Elementary

Geographic location.


North Salem Elementary

We have an East Newton and a West Newton and a South Salem so I feel we should have a North Salem.


Northbrook Elementary

The area has always been serene and I often think of a lake and brook whenever I'm in the area.


Northeast Elementary

Location in the county.


Northport Elementary

Northern part of the county near the airport.


Northridge Elementary

The school is on the northern part of the county.


Northside Elementary

It's on the north end of town.


Oxford Academy

Academy promotes academic excellence and Oxford also gives the area a sense of community pride.


Oxford Airport Elementary

Landmark/road name.


Oxford City Elementary

Makes sense.


Oxford Commons Elementary

Geographic location.


Oxford Elementary

(Mascot: Owls)

As the least of my reasons; this will make fr easy graphics and it keeps the school related to its history; it's in that vicinity and it sounds sophisticated!


Oxford Preparatory School

Name is after the community and the college.


Oxford Ridge Elementary

Geographic location.


Oxford-Emory Elementary or Emory-Oxford Elementary

Keeping with heritage of Palmer-Stone area and historical area as well as location.


Peach Elementary

Georgia is known for the Peach State.

Peoples Elementary

Because it stands as the knights and there brave.


Pepper Mill Elementary

In Covington there is not a corner or a turn that you don't see and old mill or farm silo.


Piedmont Elementary

We live in the Piedmont region of Georgia.


PRIDE Elementary

Sends a positive message even in the name of the school.


Progress Elementary

To represent the importance of education in Newton County by continuing to build new schools with state of the art technology to better serve the students.


PS 142

My choices of the two names are based on the location of the new school. The name PS 142 is a play on Palmer-Stone but will stand for Public School on Hwy 142.


Rock Creek Elementary

Many creeks in the vicinity that have rocks all over them.


Scientia Elementary

Stands for Standard, Curriculum, Instructional, Excellence, Newton, Theme, Intellectual, Academia.


Sky Plane Elementary

It's on Airport Road in an open area, makes me think of out West and the vastness of the land and sky. Plus, airplanes fly in the sky!


Skypine Elementary

Pine = Pine trees

Sky = Airport Road


Skyward Elementary

Aircraft takes you into the sky; teaches the kids to reach for the sky.


South Side Elementary

Middle School.


Stone Elementary

The name has part of the old school in it as well as being located close to Stone Road in Oxford.


Sunny Meadows Elementary

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of property when the sun hits the field as it rises and sets each morning and evening.


Sunset Elementary

The name was chosen because of the symbolism of Sunset Airport in Newton County.


Teach and Learn Elementary

Let's put the focus back on what school is really about. Teaching and learning.


Tropria Elementary

Airport spelled backwards since it is on Airport Road.


Twin Lakes Elementary

There are numerous small ponds and lakes surrounding the area, and the major two are both reservoirs.


Wheat Field Elementary

It sounds like a good name for the school and I think the children and young teens would like the name also.







After months of discussion, the Newton County School Board has narrowed the list of possible names for the new elementary school on Airport Road to two, but not before allowing for public input.

The board first considered Palmer-Stone Elementary, since that school is being phased out and its students will attend the new elementary school. But after Oxford residents balked at that idea, the board opened the naming process to the public.

The resulting list of 91 names range from serious to silly. The school system has narrowed its choices to Airport Elementary and Flint Hill Elementary. The reason behind the name Airport Elementary is obvious, since the school is located on that road and it's near the airport. Flint Hill was chosen because the area was once know as the Flint Hill community and there was once a one-room schoolhouse there with that name.

According to the person who suggested it "There is still a one-room schoolhouse by the same name within a couple of miles. It would be appropriate to have a one-room schoolhouse and a brand new state-of-the-art facility with the same name. It would be a testament to how far this community has come."

Many citizens suggested names that had to do with the airport, such as Airline, Airfield, Aim, Skyward and Sky Plane.

Other names had to do with the location of the school, such as Alcovy River, City Pond, Cornish Creek, Covington, Newton County and Flat Rock.

Some suggestions had to do with the state and nature, such as Blue Ridge (mountains in north Georgia), Cherokee Rose (the state flower), Evergreen, Dogwood and Honey Bee (the state insect).

Also popular were names such as Oxford and Emory, after both the local college and the city.

But along with the serious were the silly. One person suggested Atlantis Elementary. Why?

"Have water slides and pools. Make school a place where kids want to go and learn. Show that you actually care about kids by building a school based on a theme, not just call it a theme school but have it same old, same old."

Or Enterprise Elementary, because "who doesn't like 'Star Trek?'"

One person suggested Mystic Elementary, a play on the fact that Covington is the location of the fictitious Mystic Falls from "Vampire Diaries."

"Name it after the TV show that is filed here that is bringing in more revenue and helping to stabilize the economy."

Although the board was thankful for the community input, only one name can win. Board members are scheduled to choose between Airport and Flint Hill Elementary at their March 15 meeting.

Join the discussion: What would you have named the new Elementary School?