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Piedmont Academy teacher makes science fun for students
Piedmont academy science

MONTICELLO, Ga. - Piedmont Academy Teacher Tina Mitchell’s fourth and fifth grade class are involved in hands-on activities that make science fun.

Mitchell's fifth grade class has been studying physical and chemical properties. Her students completed a hands-on activity that made them work diligently to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred. 

Mitchell's fourth grade class completed a toothpaste challenge, which required them to get the toothpaste out of the tube without talking and with only one hand. The students also had to complete the task of putting the toothpaste back into the tube without talking and with only a toothpick.

"My mission as a teacher is to have students involved in hands-on activities as much as possible. This allows them to be involved in their learning.  When students are involved, they are behaving like real scientists," Mitchell said.  "Scientists ask questions, make observations and develop conclusions.  Maybe this will lead one of our students to make a life-saving discovery one day. After all, that’s how penicillin was discovered!"