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Perimeter College releases documents
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Georgia Perimeter College administrators are seeking to resolve complaints filed against its student government association and the school for violation of state open records and meeting requirements.

For seven months, the school newspaper, "The Collegian," reported on the student government and the administration's apparent violations of the Georgia Open Meeting and Open Record Acts. After being charged with what was perceived to be an excessive fee from human resources, the student newspaper filed a formal complaint with the attorney general's office and began to seek legal counsel.

Georgia Perimeter President Anthony Tricoli has since waived the fees and released the remaining documents on April 26. He urged the student government to keep its meetings open and to communicate effectively with the student body.

"We'll sit down as the administration and look at the different pieces that may not be in place today," said Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs Ron Carruth. "We'll incorporate some policy and procedure that will make sure everything is covered appropriately."

Incoming student government leadership will undergo a summer training program which will include procedures for conducting meetings, posting notifications of agendas and meetings and making documents available for public access. Also, a working draft of the student government constitution will include a provision to comply with federal and state law.