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Oxford College support group to benefit local caregivers
Bi-monthly meetings open to local community are first of this kind in Newton/Covington
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Oxford College, in conjunction with Emory University’s WorkLife Resource Center, has established a new support group for those who care for aging or sick family members. Initially set up for Oxford employees, the Community Caregivers Education and Support Group (CCESG) is similar to a group on the Emory Atlanta campus for employees who are caregivers outside their work environment. However, seeing a need for such a group in Covington and greater Newton County, Oxford wanted to extend participation to the community at large. Sue Dale, Oxford College Director of Human Resources and lead coordinator for the group, said, “As far as we know, there is no group of this kind that currently serves our community, and we did not want to keep this service strictly within the confines of Oxford College. We are pleased to be able to provide information, connection and support to those who deal with the taxing responsibilities of providing care for family members.” The goal of the group is to educate and lend support to those who provide care for persons challenged with mental or physical illness, memory loss, change of role or living arrangements, grief and loss or communication difficulties. Support-group attendees will have the opportunity to meet others who face care-giving challenges similar to their own and to hear presentations on a variety of topics, such as techniques of care and stress management to help themselves as well as the person in their care. Other information, such as local and regional resources, will also be available. Participation in the group is free and open to the community.   Meetings of the CCESG will begin February 10 and will take place in the Oxford College Student Center from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Free visitor parking is available nearby on Hamill Street. The facilitator for the meetings is Callie Curington-Weber, a chaplain and bereavement coordinator who currently serves Abbey Hospice in Social Circle, Ga.   For more information, please contact the Emory WorkLife Resource Center at (404) 727-8000 or Ms. Curington-Weber at (770) 464-5858.