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Eastside High School named 2008 Georgia School of Excellence
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Only 26 of these flags are flying statewide and of those 26, only nine are flying on Georgia high school campuses. It's the flag marking the 2008 Georgia Schools of Excellence. And Eastside High School is one of them!

On January 23, 2009, Eastside High School was officially recognized as a 2008 Georgia School of Excellence in Student Achievement at the Georgia Department
of Education's 2nd Annual Excellence Awards Banquet.

"I was extremely proud of all of the efforts of the students, teachers, administrators, and parents," said Dr. Robert Daria, principal of Eastside High School, when he first learned of the recognition. "It has been a
long time coming, but all proved that collective
efforts produce incredible results."

According to information provided by theGeorgia Department of Education (GDOE), the program places emphasis on student achievement as measured through statemandated criterion assessments. Each year, the
GDOE identifies schools from each Congressional
District as Georgia Schools of Excellence in Student Achievement.

One public school from each Congressional District is chosen in each of the two categories:

1. TOP 10 PERCENT: Schools that are in the top 10 percent of schools in Georgia as measured by assessments in reading and mathematics.

2. GREATEST GAINS: Schools that demonstrate the greatest continuous gains in student achievement for the past three years as measured by assessments in reading and
mathematics. Schools must also meet the following additional criteria in order to be considered for the
• Meet AYP for a minimum of three consecutive years
• Meet or exceed state mean scores in Science and Social Studies (with the exception of
K?2 schools, which do not test in this area)
Eastside administrators hold their new School of Excellence
• Not be considered a "Persistently Dangerous School" under the Unsafe School Choice Option of No Child Left Behind
• Offer a minimum of two AP courses (grades 9?12 only), and
• Be in existence for five years

Eastside tied with Centerville Elementary in Houston County for top honors in the Eighth Congressional District in the Greatest Gains category. Only three other high schools-Northgate High in Coweta County; Druid Hills High in DeKalb County; and Trion High in Trion City, earned recognition in the Greatest Gains Category.

"This proves again that the Eastside High School community can do anything it sets its mind to," said
Daria. "We believe in reviewing the data to help make improvements. Even so, we believe more in building a culture of family, safety, and security,where all parties can be successful."

He added, "We want our teachers to enjoy teaching as well as our students to enjoy learning. This award proves that both are taking place."

"We, as a Board of Education and Administration, are proud of the accomplishments of the Eastside students, teachers, staff, and administrators," said Dr. Steve Whatley, Newton County School Superintendent.

"Recognition of improvements in student achievement and the providing for a positive learning environment is the gratifying validation of their many collective efforts of hard work and dedication."