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Covington Academy’s White joins Erskine College quiz bowl team
White signing
Andrew White, now a Covington Academy alumnus, signed to join the Erskine College’s quiz bowl team. He is pictured alongside his family during a special signing ceremony. - photo by Special Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. — New Covington Academy alumnus, Andrew Dalton White recently signed a college scholarship to become a member of the Erskine College quiz bowl team. White put pen to paper during a special ceremony held at Covington Academy. 

White said the occasion eliminated much stress. 

“It is very relieving to sign the scholarship,” White said. “A few months ago, I was stressing trying to figure out where I would go to next.” 

White highlighted how he plans to major in psychology while pursuing a minor in history. Even so, the academics aspect wasn’t what White acknowledged other aspects of Erskine College that weighed heavily in his final decision. 

“The people, the environment and the respect shown when I received the offer were huge,” White said. 

All of that carried over to his campus visit, too. 

“[The campus] has a small town feeling, the respect from the staff and students and overall it felt like home,” White said.

Nevertheless, White recognized how he wasn’t able to accomplish this alone. 

White has been at Covington Academy for the past six years. He joined the Bulldogs’ quiz bowl team when literary arts director Alex Zenko approached White with the idea. 

“All of the staff works with you and helps you be the best version of yourself,” White said. “And everyone treats you like family. Covington Academy was home for so many years.” 

Moving on to college now makes it bittersweet for White as he travels to Due West, South Carolina, to enroll into college. White highlighted how he’ll miss many relationships he’s built as well as numerous teachers who impacted his time at Covington Academy. 

Even so, White said he’s ready for the phase of his life and appreciates his time at Covington Academy. 

“I appreciate being given a chance, and being someone that the teachers can believe in really makes me feel accomplished,” White said.