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County students excel at Science
NCSS students bring home dozens of awards from Regional Science Fair
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Newton County School System middle school students fared extremely well in the recent Griffin RESA Regional Science Fair. Overall, NCSS students earned 71 placement ribbons, including 30 third place, 26 second place and 15 first place awards. In addition, 12 students will move on to represent both Newton County and the region, in the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair at the University of Georgia. The students competed against students from Fayette, Henry, Griffin-Spalding, Butts, Pike, Lamar, and Thomaston Upson county schools.

"Science is extremely important in this modern age we live in," said Gary Mathews, Superintendent of Newton County Schools. "We are so proud to see so many of our students not only enter the regional science fair, but perform so exceedingly well! Thanks to our students and teachers!"

The following is a list of all Newton County School System winners along with their project titles:

First Place Clements Middle School
Anthony Fiddles, Plant Science: Tea for Me Too
Jayla Porter, Chemistry: Don't Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Whole Bunch

Second Place Clements Middle School
Jessica Zorbaugh, Animal Science: Left Paw vs. Right Paw

Third Place Clements Middle School
Joshua Suber, Earth: Plants on the Move
Jocelyn Wesley, Environmental: Septic Tank Additives

First Place Cousins Middle School
Laurel Freeman, Math Science: Crazy Cookie Cream

Second Place Cousins Middle School
Fatima Alarcon, Lauren Cumming and Gabby Martin, Social Science: Do-Re-Mi with Straws
Dakota Aycox, Earth Science: Will Crystals Form Faster in Hot or Cold Temperature?
Trey Hanson, Earth Science: What Type of Wood is the Strongest?
Quenterius Mitchell, Chemistry: Melting and Freezing Ice Cubes

Third Place Cousins Middle School
Avery Beam, Earth Science: Volcanoes in Action
Aniska Coley, Chemistry: Is Mold Growth Based on the Level of Acidity?
Bianca Coley, Plant Science: The Peppery Race
Kalene Heilesen, Energy: Which Insulation is Best?
Austin Huffman, Chemistry: Dissolving Mints
Chandler Parkman, Plant Science: Mold Spores
Hannah Robbins, Electrical: Will a Heater With a Fan Work Better than One Without?
Steveuney Samuels and Brianna Lawrence, Plant: Decomposition of Fruit

First Place Indian Creek Middle School
Brandon Campbell and Jarrett Dobbins, Physics:Hovercraft
Evan Gravitt and Billy Love, Physics: Catapult Craze
Jessica Hays and Katelynn Kennedy, Physics: It's Not Rocket Science
Mackenzie Mallard, Biology: The Effects of Temperature on Enzyme Reactions
Reilly Walker, Biology: Got Sugar?

Second Place Indian Creek Middle School
Alexis Allen, Biology: Drinks that Eat Teeth
Allison Ballew and Caitlin Streetman, Biology: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Elizabeth Cooper, Physics: Citrus Power
Hunter Edmondson, Biology: What to Compose
Jackson Hall and Brantley Proffitt, Physics: So Fly
Connor Hudgins, Physics: Save Gas = Save Money
Kalia Johnson, Physics: Clean as a Whistle
Sage Manning, Physics: Can Fruits Change Your Acidity?
Molly Tanner, Physics:Cool Blue Light

Third Place Indian Creek Middle School
Skyler Harper, Physics: How to Save Soil from Water Erosion
Kassidy Livingston and Bailey Stewart, Biology:Remember When?
Madison Locklear and Sydney Sellers, Biology: You Want Fries With That?
Daniel Thompson and Jack Weesner, Physics: Paintballs Gone Wild.

First Place Liberty Middle School
Paul Banegura, Anthony Johnston and Chance Phillips, PA: Up, Up and Away

Second Place Liberty Middle School
Kayla Gardner and Morgan Echols, Physics and Astronomy: Thermal Conduction

Third Place Liberty Middle School
Sashawna Dacosta, Kaila Fyfe and Paris Little, Engineering: Don't Weigh Me Down!!
Traveion Edmondson and Kedrick Smith, ET: Light Bulb Energy Efficiency
Parker Hutchinson, Samuel Kamue and Jace Willinghame, Chemistry: The Great CO2 Breakout

First Place Newton County Theme School
Conrad Martin, Environmental Science: How Does Bleach Affect Plant Growth?

Second Place Newton County Theme School
Ralph Brown, Chemistry: Your Brain - Use It or Lose It
Nicholas Depkin, Biology: Can Oil and Water be Made to Mix?
Molly Graham, Physics and Astronomy: My EGGperiment
Dos Harper, PA: Flight of the Plane
Joshua O'Brien, Biology: Flight of the Plane
Parrish Priester, Physics and Astronomy: Does it Matter How Much Air Pressure is in a Basketball?

Third Place Newton County Theme School
Payton Vandergrif, Engineering: String Fingers
Eli Vinson, Chemistry: Does Parachute Size Matter?