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BOE to purchase $1M worth of tech
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The Newton County Board of Education will decide on purchasing select technology for the replacement Newton High School at its board meeting Tuesday.

According to the recommendation presented at the March 12 board work session, desktop computers would be purchased from ByteSpeed ,of Moorhead, Minn., for $397,020; laptops, laptop cards, docking stations and tablets would be purchased from the Dell Corporation, out of Round Rock, Texas, for $329,996; and a ViewPath, an integrated audio-video solution, from Audio Enhancement Inc., of Bluffdale, Utah, would cost $513,002. The total for all of the technology is $1.24 million.

Officials recommended that the desktops be purchased from ByteSpeed utilizing an existing school system contract, and the laptops, laptop cards, docking stations and tablets are be purchased from the Dell Corporation using a state of Georgia statewide contract.

ViewPath would be purchased under a competitively bid contract managed by PEPPM, a national technology bidding and purchasing program.

ViewPath is a fully integrated audio-video solution that combines audio systems, alert systems and classroom and hallway cameras. The system isn’t just a security tool but also provides a number of teaching tools and enhancements, which includes:
-Distance learning and or coaching
-Lessons for homebound students
-Classroom remediation and emergency notification
-After hours monition sensing
-Enhanced classroom audio for teachers, students and media.

In addition to the board considering the purchase of new technology for the new NHS, board members will also vote on a recommendation to renew a contract with Summit Systems, a technology vendor from Buford to provide interactive projectors for the new high school.

Summit Systems provided the school system with the lowest bid for interactive projectors, with a bid of $618,072. If approved, Summit Systems will provide interactive projectors at the replacement Newton High School and at other select locations throughout the school system. The items would be purchased using capital funds.