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'The Big Sound': Newton County band director says goal is to be louder, sound better than others
Alcovy band
“The Big Sound” performs every week at halftime at each Alcovy football game during the regular season and postseason. - photo by Garrett Pitts

COVINGTON, Ga. — One thing is for sure about Alcovy High School’s band: no other band in the country is named, “The Big Sound.”

The Tigers hold their name in such high regard that they have trademarked it. 

The Alcovy Tiger Band (ATB) continues to make a name for themselves under the leadership of band director Brian Coats.

Going under the name ATB, theTigers are focused on being bigger and louder. However, there is one goal that stands above the rest.

“One thing that separates Alcovy from the other bands is that we always strive to be the last band standing,” Coats said. “Our mission is that we want to be louder and sound better than every band we face and to be the last band there.”

After taking over as the band director in 2017, Coats has been reshaping the Alcovy band to have a bigger presence at school, competitions, and on Friday nights.

The ATB arrives in style for every Alcovy football game, and Coats emphasized the importance of having the band at the games, even on the road.

“The most important thing outside the football team itself is the band. The bands help create the atmosphere that makes people want to come to games,” Coats said. “We always try to march into the stadiums, that was one thing that was different to Alcovy prior to me coming there.”

In wins or losses, Coats always strives to have the band playing to their fullest to represent the Alcovy Tigers.

During his time as band director, Coats has done his part to change and reform the ATB to what it is today as they adopted new sounds and forms over the years.

“Our halftime show is always evolving, one thing that we incorporated this year [is that] we were able to spell out ATB during the halftime show and I am hoping that is something that will become one of our trademarks,” Coats said.

As the ATB continues to grow and make their presence felt, Coats will lead them as he encourages others to take part in the big sound coming from Highway 36.

“People should join the Alcovy Tiger Band because I am trying to create a unique experience for the students of Alcovy, whether it's playing at a football game or battle of the bands,” Coats said. 

“We want to travel, and it’s an opportunity to represent Alcovy and Covington.”