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Dog missing since July 4 saved family from fire two years ago

What to do if you see Lola

- Return Lola to 35 Knights Drive in Covington
- Call Newton County Animal Control at (770) 786-9514

Two years ago, Tammy Fouts’s dog, Lola, woke her up in the middle of the night. Fouts tried to go back to sleep, but Lola kept scratching at the bed. Then Fouts heard a crackling noise.

The top half of the house, right above her head, was on fire.

Lola saved Fouts and her grandson that night by alerting her to something gone wrong, but now Lola is missing, and Fouts said she is afraid of what may have happened to her “sweet, humble dog.”

“She was a stray dog that took up with me about eight to 10 years ago,” Fouts said.

Fouts said Lola was always scared of thunder and thinks she ran away during the thunderstorms and fireworks on July 4. She and her family were on vacation and could not keep her in the house the whole time, she said. Fouts lives at 35 Knights Drive off Salem Road in Covington.

She said she has been checking the pound but has not heard of any dog coming resembling Lola.

Fouts described Lola as a 10-year-old black and red/brown chow-mix who should have a black collar with a heart tag. She is a full-haired dog but had been shaved recently.

“She slept by my bed,” Fouts said, “every night.”