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Shoplifting call turns into drug arrest for CPD
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Three family members, including a man and woman from Oxford, were arrested by the Covington Police Department (CPD) after a shoplifting call and subsequent search turned up drugs.

According to the CPD report, shortly after 3 p.m. March 4, three people were observed concealing items inside the Walmart at 10300 Industrial Boulevard. Loss prevention personnel reportedly followed them to the parking lot where the three got into a mini-van.

According to his report, CPD Officer John Seabolt stopped the vehicle before it left the parking space. As the officer approached the vehicle, John Patrick West, 19, reportedly opened the side door and was identified by Walmart loss prevention as one of the offenders. When he was asked if he had taken anything that belonged to Walmart, West reportedly handed a small speaker to Officer Seabolt.

According to the report, when he was told that he was going to jail, West began to take things from his pockets and give them to his father, identified as Paul Edward West, 47 who was in the back seat of the van. One of the items was reportedly a plastic baggy of an unknown substance, which the police took custody of. According to the report, once the younger West was handcuffed, a glass pipe was found in his back pocket.

Loss prevention reportedly pointed out two females in the vehicle who were suspected of taking items. According to the report, one woman, identified as the mother, Kayte Lee West, 41, began to empty her purse to show cosmetics belonging to Walmart that she had taken. A small, black, zippered bag was attached to the purse. Inside the bag, police reportedly found a glass pipe, small plastic baggies containing suspected meth, four small plastic boxes, a metal hook and a Bic lighter.

The other woman reportedly did not leave the store with any items and was not arrested.

After all occupants had exited the vehicle, a bag was found on the floor that reportedly contained medication bottles belonging to Paul West. Also inside the bag, according to the report, was a rolled up jacket. Inside a jacket pocket reportedly was a small, black, zippered bag that contained several plastic baggies of suspected meth, scales, two glass pipes, a red straw and two Bic lighters.

According to the report James Patrick West, of Barnesville, was charged with shoplifting and Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGCSA) Possession of Meth. Kayte Lee West, of Oxford, was charged with shoplifting and VGCSA Possession of Meth. Paul Edward West, of Oxford, was charged with VGCSA Possession of Meth.