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Pistol taken from vehicle in Covington
GLK PG2150201

COVINGTON, Ga. – A Covington man told police his handgun was stolen from his wife’s car trunk by two men helping her with her groceries.

According to a Covington Police Department (CPD) incident report, the two men approached the woman in the parking lot of the Food Depot on Highway 278 July 20 and attempted to sell her shoes. One of the men reportedly then began to flirt with her.

The two then offered to help the woman with her groceries. While they loading the groceries, the flirting thief distracted the woman away from the trunk of her vehicle while the other one stole the weapon.

The stolen handgun is a Glock model 21, .45 caliber pistol.

According to the report, the two males spoke with island accents. One male is described as approximately 6 feet 2 inches with light skin. The other is around 6 feet.