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Newton County Jail Log, Sept. 5
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Deanna Dale Carter, 37, Rutledge, Aug. 27. Court sentenced.
Bernard Joseph Christmas, 23, 160 Jerico Drive, Covington, Aug. 22. Contempt of court.
Brandon Terrell Churchwell, 35, Atlanta, Aug. 24. Probation violation.
Adrian Shemale Clark, 36, 2169 Conyers St., Covington, Aug. 22. Court sentenced to work release.
Randy Deon Cody, 21, 5181 Turner St., Covington, Aug. 27. Disorderly conduct.
Leslie Bruce Asselstine, 53, 3559 Salem Road, Covington, Aug. 24. Court sentenced to work release.
Jennifer Lynette Benton, 39, 6154 Green Acres Drive, Covington, Aug. 24. Probation violation.
Vadarrious Brown, 19, Stone Mountain, Aug. 27. Burglary.
Marjorie Renee Broxton, 28, 770 Starsville Road, Covington, Aug. 22. Probation violation.
Bradley Callaway, 44, 11703 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Aug. 22. Disorderly conduct, interference with government property, criminal trespass, terroristic threats and acts, deposit account fraud.
Bobby Elder, 60, Eatonton, Aug. 24. Probation violation.
Michael Lane Galloway, 41, homeless, Aug. 24. Probation violation.
Rita Ann Greene, 44, 590 Malcolm Road, Covington, Aug. 28. Failure to appear.
Brandon Taurus Harris, 32, homeless, Covington, Aug. 28. Family Violence Act criminal attempt (aggravated sodomy), sexual battery, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, FVA battery.
Shaundrekus Nicole Head, 28, 4307 Carroll St., Covington, Aug. 22. Probation violation.
Mark Anthony Hockaday, 19, 9187 Jefferson Village Drive, Covington, Aug. 27. Theft by conversion.
Allen Jesse Johnson, 34, 1960 Gaissert Road, Newborn, Aug. 24. Child support default.
Fredriquez Lamon Johnson, 26, 11481 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, Aug. 28. Sentenced to five weekends.
Kevin Lashon Johnson, 33, 9282 Westview Drive, Covington, Aug. 23. Probation violation.
Hope Danielle Jordan, 24, Conyers, Aug. 27. Fourth degree forgery.
James Edward Jordan Jr. 39, 165 Johnson River Road, Covington, Aug. 25. Probation violation.
Melissa Alana Joseph, 21, 470 Roseberry Road, Covington, Aug. 27. Contempt of court.
Christopher Allen Long, 23, 120 Saddle Lane, Covington, Aug. 24. Probation violation.
Demetris Roshaun Marshall, 36, 5180 Dorothy Lane, Covington, Aug. 26. To serve 10 days for Covington Police Department.
John Dana McCullough, 53, 7137 Midway Drive, Covington, Aug. 22. DUI third offense.
Wallace O'Neal McKibben Jr., 20, 10131 Hidden Branches way, Covington, Aug. 22. Court sentenced to work release.
Michael Wayne McLeod, 55, Reidsville, Aug. 23. Probation violation.
Firas Fawzi Neamah, 34, 25 E. Lawn Court, Covington, Aug. 24. Aggravated assault, third degree cruelty to children, Family Violence Act criminal trespass.
Titoya Angelique Paremore, 25, 120 Logans Run, Covington, Aug. 25. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer.
Christopher Joe Parker, 28, 5141 Old Monticello St., Covington, Aug. 27. Probation violation.
Jovon Letrell Reid, 18, 10175 Henderson Drive, Covington, Aug. 24. Noise violation, license required, surrender of prior licenses, no tail lights, tag light required, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, superior court bench warrant, failure to appear, special presentment.
Gerky Reyes, 36, Conyers, Aug. 28. Probation violation.
Christopher Charles Ruff, 33, 5182 Lackey St., Covington, Aug. 22. Probation violation.
Vada Ulysses Sims, 49, Decatur, Aug. 23. Probation violation.
Brandon Price Sosebee, 19, Mableton, Aug. 26. Contempt of court.
Charles Edward Stanley, 40, 3132 Lunsford Circle, Covington, Aug. 28. Bond revoked.
John William Stone, 36, 200 Cochran Road, Covington, Aug. 24. DUI first offense, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, open container, improper lane usage, no proof of insurance, suspended, revoked or canceled registration.
Joshua Eugene Tiner, 30, Griffin, Aug. 28. Probation violation.
Herman Tuggle III, 19, 820 Rogers Lane, Covington, Aug. 27. Theft by receiving stolen property.
Howard Vaughn, 57, Conyers, Aug. 25. Probation violation.
Margaret Marie Watkins, 26, 70 Wisteria Way, Covington, Aug. 23. Failure to appear, criminal trespass.
Reginald Woodard, 44, Atlanta, Aug. 22. Probation violation.
Sarah Hannah York, 23, Social Circle, Aug. 24. Family Violence Act criminal trespass, FVA simple battery.
Joseph Adams, 32, 3165 Clark St., Covington, Aug. 24. Public drunkenness,
Jose Adelmo Alpadado-Partilo, 31, 6164 Green St., Covington, Aug. 24. Driving without license.
Theresa Boswell Banks, 55, 9172 Puckett St., Covington, Aug. 25. Disorderly conduct.
Donald Justin Barnes, 27, Conyers, Aug. 25. Public drunk.
Tara Ann Black, 28, 5651 Salem Road, Covington, Aug. 28. DUI.
Nicholas Sinclair Bolton, 26, 9265 Cedar Ridge Drive, Covington, Aug. 25. Family Violence Act simple battery, third degree cruelty to children.
James Brannon Brewer, 18, 821 Airport Road, Oxford, Aug. 22. Second degree burglary.
Aaron Dante Brown, 19, Snellville, Aug. 26. Contempt of court.
Christopher Drummond Brown, 21, 328 East End Road, Covington, Aug. 25. Public drunkenness.
Cesar Calderon, 21, 270 Alcovy Way, Covington, Aug. 24. Disorderly conduct.
Jermaine Demario Cody, 20, 5181 Turner St., Covington, Aug. 27. Reckless endangerment.
Brawley Reashod Davis, 19, 120 Sears Circle, Covington, Aug. 25. Family Violence Act battery.
Thaddeus Farnard Dyer, 44, 9172 Puckett St., Covington, Aug. 25. Disorderly conduct.
Carolyn Marie Fair, 41, 15 Cornus Drive, Covington, Aug. 22. Family Violence Act aggravated assault, third degree cruelty to children.
Tiffany Michelle Fennell, 34, 120 Knights Circle, Covington, Aug. 24. DUI, stop signs and yield signs.
Robert Cole Glidewell, 19, Jackson, Aug. 24. DUI, speeding.
Derrick Edward Hammonds, 25, 7120 Greenway Cove, Covington, Aug. 23. Giving false name or address, deposit account fraud, driving while license suspended, no seat belts, no proof of insurance.
Candi Lou Harden, 34, 145 Creek Bottom Drive, Covington, Aug. 25. Theft by shoplifting.
Roderick Dwayne Harpe, 35, Conyers, Aug. 22. Terroristic threats and acts, pointing or aiming gun or pistol.
Byron Terrell Hayes, 26, Roswell, Aug. 22. Probation violation.
Noah Levon Henry, 21, 50 Doves Nest, Covington, Aug. 23. Court sentenced.
Marcus Lanier Howard, 36, 15 Spring Valley Way, Covington, Aug. 25. Court sentenced.
Olga M. Jiron, 21. 5124 Private Drive, Covington, Aug. 24. Theft by shoplifting.
Jeffery Landrum, 22, Ellenwood, Aug. 25. Warrant for Gwinnett County.
Jeffrey John Paul Levine, 26, 10105 Leafstone Drive, Covington, Aug. 28. Driving while license suspended, DUI, improper lane usage.
Brandy Starr Lloyd, 35, 10177 Henderson Road, Covington, Aug. 26. Hold for Morgan County warrant.