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Newton County Jail Log, March 1
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Linder Gene Byrd, 43, 3157 West St., Covington, Feb. 10. Disorderly conduct.

Jack Leonard Campanale, 22, Swaynee, Feb. 6. Drugs to be kept in original container, back for court.

Sirilo Soto Castillo, 29, 50 Oaks Drive, Covington, Feb. 12. No seat belts, driving without a license.

Patricia Ann Cobb, 53, 290 Branchwood Drive, Covington, Feb. 9. Disobeying a traffic device, DUI.

Richard Taylor Coles, 33, 35 Hastings Lane, Covington, Feb. 9. Passing on solid yellow line, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Sharon Elaine Cooper, 67, 110 Creek Way, Covington, Feb. 9. DUI, improper lane usage, open container.

Stacey-Ann Colleen Dawkins, 23, Conyers, Feb. 7. Contempt of court.

Curtis Roderick Devine, 41, Snellville, Feb. 8. Possession of arms by conficted felon, possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), crossing guard line with drugs.

Stephano Alexander Dorsey, 24, Social Circle, Feb. 8. Public drunkenness.

Nathan C. Dyer, 46, 10132 Griffin Lane, Covington, Feb. 8. Probation violation.

Tiffany Michelle Fuller, 29, Jackson, Feb. 6. Carrying a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon.

Audrey Dale Hammond, 60, 10130 Alcovy Road, Covington, Feb. 10. Driving while license suspended.

Lorenza Joseph Henderson, 47, 5141 Avery St., Covington, Feb. 11. Court sentenced.

Larry Houston Jr., 48, 108 Green St., Oxford, Feb. 7. Driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance.

Rodney Earl Howard, 40, 17 Ivy St., Porterdale, Feb. 12. Theft of services (utilities).

Jake Keith Hyde, 19, 10153 Henderson Drive, Covington, Feb. 9. Fleeing or attempting to elude, driving while license suspended, obstruction or hindering enforcement officers, criminal trespass, reckless driving.

Kaliyaa M. Jackson, 18, 105 Providence Parkway, Covington, Feb. 8. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Joey James Jones, 33, 9162 Nelson Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Rachel Rebbeca Jones, 38, 30 Hazel St., Porterdale, Feb. 6. Public drunkenness, disorderly conduct.

Myranda Brooke Kinney, 18, 10153 Henderson Drive, Covington, Feb. 9. Permitting unlicensed person.

Ronald Howard Kiser Jr., 41, Conyers, Feb. 7. Theft by shoplifting, second offense.

Ethelyn Naomie Marcano, 46, Conyers, Feb. 7. First degree forgery, theft by taking.

Eduardo Martinez, 18, Duluth, Feb. 10. DUI alcohol.

Regina Arleen Mauaghon, 58, Social Circle, Feb. 9. Limited driving permits.

Victor F. Mendez, 54, Hampton, Feb. 9. Driving while license suspended.

Lfredrick Roosevelt Miller, 24, 10611 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Feb. 9. Driving while license suspended, giving false name or address, no seat belts.

Randall Nelson Jr., 28, 2489 Ga. Highway 81, Oxford, Feb. 6. Hold for other agency.

Brent William Parker, 23, 3010 Habersham Circle, Covington, Feb. 10. Disorderly conduct, pointing or aiming gun or pistol, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying pistol without

Jimmy Neal Patton, 24, 5149 Hill Crest Drive, Covington, Feb. 10. Disorderly conduct.

Sean McGregory Price, 43, 15 Maple Trace, Covington, Feb. 8. Theft by taking.

Dejerio Roddrikus Robinson, 25, 122 Temple Road, Covington, Feb. 11. DUI drugs (marijuana), stop signs and yield signs.

Masiska Milner Robinson, 29, 5113 Nixon Circle, Covington, Feb. 8. Contempt of court.

Edmund Daniel Rudisill IV, 48, Mableton, Feb. 8. Homicide by vehicle first degree, DUI less safe, homicide by vehicle second degree, improper lane usage.

Kyra R. Slater, 17, 100 Trillium Terrace, Covington, Feb. 9. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Jessie B. Smith, 57, 10601 Stone St., Covington, Feb. 9. Disorderly conduct.

Lindsey Elizabeth Terrell, 26, 17 South Broad St., Porterdale, Feb. 8. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Stanley Lamar Thomas, 52, 3157 West St., Covington, Feb. 10. Disorderly conduct.