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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 9
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o Paris Davida Martin, 21, 1-1254 Tall Oaks, Covington, Jan. 31. Prostitution.

o Jeremy Lynn McEllyea, 21, 2301 Leafstone Drive, Covington, Jan. 27. Court sentenced.

o Raymond Matthew Moyers, 33, homeless, Jan. 26. Probation violation.

o Frank Edward Nash, 21, 25 Millcrest Drive, Covington, Feb. 1. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance.

o Roxanne Patterson, 31, Commerce, Jan. 28. Contempt of court.

o Kristy Meyun Price, 30, Decatur, Feb. 1. Printing, executing, negotiating checks, drafts knowing information is in error.

o Willie Dexter Pridgett, 44, 3115 Alexander St., Covington, Jan. 31. Sale of marijuana, probation violation.

o Josa Jesus Ramirez, 24, 1050 Henderson Drive, Covington, Jan. 30. No proof of insurance, driving without license, no license on file.

o Martha Lynn Rogers, 59, 3280 Gum Creek Road, Oxford, Feb. 2. Two counts probation violation.

o Dwellie Striggles Jr., 45, 50 Mildred Lane, Covington, Jan. 26. Theft by deception.

o Justin Lee Trojanek, 23, 323 Ridge Road, Covington, Feb. 1. Passing on solid yellow line, aggravated assault on law enforcement officer, interference with government property (county vehicle), reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, improper passing, habitual violators felony with a vehicle, speeding, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

o Chavez Jamar Washington, 18, 180 Shadowbrook Drive, Covington, Feb. 1. Battery.

o Michael Perkins Watson, 47, Monticello, Jan. 28. Contempt of court.

o Darryl Kyle Whitehead, 27, 710 Navajo Trail, Covington, Feb. 1. Probation violation.

o David Wayne Woodbury Jr., 22, 11 McGiboney Road, Covington, Jan. 31. Family Violence Act criminal trespass.

o Gale Wayne Wright, 25, Monticello, Jan. 27. Probation violation.

o Roy Allamon Jr., 39, 5109 Adams St., Covington, Jan. 29. Disorderly conduct.

o Harold Anthony, 38, Stone Mountain, Jan. 26. Abandonment of dependent child.

o Kristen Nancy Banister, 24, 1080 Kirkland Road, Covington, Jan. 26. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

o Shamakka Latral Banks, 29, Madison, Jan. 26. Probation violation.

o Samantha Diana Bozeman, 38, 75 Gum Creek Landing, Oxford, Jan. 29. Family Violence Act battery, cruelty to children, interfering with a 911 call.

o Connie Kristine Bunn, 40, 1505 Hodges Circle, Mansfield, Jan. 30. First degree forgery.

o Roy Leslie Cobb, 48, Commerce, Jan. 28. Court sentenced to 72 hours.

o Christina Marie Deal, 24, Monticello, Jan. 28. Theft by taking, first degree forgery.

o Christopher Lamont Delaney, 35, Acworth, Jan. 26. Abandonment of dependent child.

o Jermaine Cortez Gaither, 24, 235 Wisteria Way, Covington, Jan. 31. Probation violation.

o Wyatt Lee George, 25, 136 Morris Lane, Oxford, Jan. 28. To serve two days.

o Amanda Hope Goddard, 22, 1673 Oak St., Covington, Jan. 26. Theft by taking.

o Thane Allen Greene, 18, 35 Carrington Circle, Covington, Feb. 1. Use of fighting words, obscene.

o Justin Blake Hall, 23, Conyers, Jan. 30. Simple battery, second degree cruelty to children.

o Tekedra Kearrow Height, 20, 5143 Mill St., Covington, Jan. 28. Terroristic threats and acts.

o Kenneth Jerome Jeffries, 43, 407 Pitts Chapel, Newborn, Jan. 31. Registration and license requirements, driving while license suspended.

o Chamaya Alese Johnson, 21, 7157 Midway Drive, Covington, Jan. 26. Theft by deception.

o Jody Lee Johnson, 24, 120 Greenfield Way, Covington, Jan. 29. Family Violence Act simple battery, criminal trespass.

o Nikholas Jamille Johnson, 23, 170 Lassiter Drive, Covington, Jan. 28. Criminal trespass.

o James Monroe Jones, 53, 115 Meadow Ridge, Covington, Jan. 28. Probation violation.

o Steve Eugene Jones, 48, Atlanta, Jan. 26. Theft by conversion.

o Jamarcus Quintrel Justice, 25, 10 Amber Way, Covington, Jan. 28. Probation violation.

o David Rene Ludlow, 46, 105 Austin Terrace, Covington, Jan. 27. No tag lights, license required (surrender of), open container.

o Jeffery Allen Maddocks, 39, Kingwood, Wash., Jan. 30. Driving while license suspended.

o Demetrius Antwon McFarlin, 20, 90 Dayton Way, Covington, Jan. 29. Disorderly conduct.

o Mark Alton Meadows, 47, Conyers, Jan. 31. Probation violation.

o Mark Alton Meadows, 47, Conyers, Jan. 26. Family Violence Act battery.

o Allan Shane Miller, 24, 65 East Dollar Circle, Covington, Jan. 30. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), improper lane usage, speeding.

o Viola Monroe, 64, Conyers, Jan. 28. Deposit account fraud.

o Terry Lee Moss, 46, Forest Park, Jan. 27. Driving while license suspended, removing or affixing license plate, open container.

o Deaundre Kenqual Nelloms, 31, Atlanta, Jan. 26. Abandonment of dependent child.

o Benjamin Matthew Norman, 38, Conyers, Jan. 28. Two counts child support default.

o Andrew Sims Ogletree, 25, 8201 Maple Drive, Covington, Jan. 29. Sentenced to two days.

o Justin Lee Owen, 27, 445 Cowan Road, Covington, Jan. 28. To serve 33 hours.

o Amanda Edelweiss Picart, 33, Bethlehem, Jan. 28. To serve 48 hours.

o Thomas Keith Reagin, 48, 4118 Gold St., Covington, Jan. 27. Public drunkenness.

o Amber Nicole Reese, 27, 25 Gum Creek Landing, Oxford, Jan. 30. Public drunkenness, third degree cruelty to children.

o Guy Phillip Roos, 53, 11140 Alcovy Road, Covington, Jan. 29. Court sentenced to 29 hours.

o Billy Shepherd, 70, 7120 Harmony Place, Covington, Jan. 29. Disorderly conduct.

o Kenneth Patrick Simpson, 25, 12480 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Jan. 31. Reckless driving.

o Robert Devaughn Smith, 36, 9160 Puckett St., Covington, Jan. 27. Driving without license.

o Sheldon Desean Smith, 17, 60 Spring Lake Terrace, Covington, Feb. 1. Simple battery.