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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 4
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Travis Dylan Taylor, 21, McDonough, Jan. 20. Probation violation.

James Shawn Turbyfield, 40, 10123 Starr St., Covington, Jan. 22. Probation violation.

Oscar Eugene Usher Jr., 46, Jonesboro, Jan. 25. Child support default, $4023.70.

Calvin Eugene Washington, 49, Atlanta, Jan. 19. Probation violation.

Jerry Louis Weaver, 58, 8178 Kirk St., Covington, Jan. 22. Driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), no proof of insurance, probation violation.

Charles Henry White, 25, 10320 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Jan. 19. Child support default $910.87, child support default $1,155.32.

Charlie Warren Williams Jr., 45, 230 Falls Crossing, Covington, Jan. 20. Felony possession of marijuana (cultivation), felony possession of marijuana (trafficking).

Daniel Ray Williams, 42, Thomaston, Jan. 24. Driving without license, possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), crossing guard line with contraband.

David Leonard Williams, 25, 30 Shenandoah Court, Covington, Jan. 25. Driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

Kevin James Williams, 50, Lawrenceville, Jan. 24. First degree forgery.

Aimee Elizabeth Woodham, 25, Conyers, Jan. 25. Probation violation.

Kenny Calarrissian Wyatt, 29, Monroe, Jan. 25. Court sentenced.

Katherine Barbaree Allen, 43, Conyers, Jan. 19. Theft by taking.

Nathan Jerome Andrews, 31, 476 Oxford Road, Oxford, Jan. 23. Affixing tint to windows or windshields, license to be carried and exhibited, probation violation.

Sara Nicole Haya Bauman, 21, Conyers, Jan. 22. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), drugs to be kept in original container, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Steven Randall Bernard, 18, 305 Lindmere Lane, Covington, Jan. 19. False statements in matters of the state.

Jacqueline Brown, 35, 655 Lake Side Drive, Covington, Jan. 21. Felony possession of marijuana.

Michael Brown Jr., 31, 145 Brighton Drive, Covington, Jan. 21. Driving without a license, no seat belts, felony possession of marijuana.

Meredith Anne Causey, 22, 60 Old Hickory Lane, Oxford, Jan. 19. Theft by taking, burglary, theft by taking.

Dennard Chavis, 43, 9225 Colony Drive, Covington, Jan. 23. Driving while license suspended.

Cathy Marie Clark, 41, 135 Jennifer Lane, Covington, Jan. 25. Warrants for Madison County.

Melvin Melquin Cooksey, 57, 10173 N. Dinah Circle, Covington, Jan. 22. Theft by conversion (auto).

Michael Shawn Corning, 27, 170 Oak Hill Drive, Covington, Jan. 23. Theft by taking, criminal damage to property.

Pierce Crafton, 40, Conyers, Jan. 22. Stop signs and yield signs, no seat belts, DUI.

Lisa Louise Dabney, 42, 90 Thrasher Way, Covington, Jan. 21. Deposit account fraud.

Dillan Dale Davis, 17, 316 Pitts Chapel, Newborn, Jan. 19. Theft by taking.

Marquis O'Neal Dyer, 24, 9102 Morris, Covington, Jan. 22. Disorderly conduct.

Kenneth Maynard Frady, 46, Barnesville, Jan. 24. Probation violation.

Alicia Shantay Freeman, 25, 706 Baker Road, Oxford, Jan. 22. Driving while license suspended, operation of vehicle without current license.

Comelita Michelle Gaither, 38, 2199 Lee St., Covington, Jan. 24. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disrupting public school.

Juliet Garcia, 41, 296 Jack Neely Road, Covington, Jan. 22. Driving while license suspended.

Kimbria Shantese Grier, 21, Decatur, Jan. 21. Probation violation.

Harry Lamar Holcombe, 51, 697 Rocky Point Road, Covington, Jan. 19. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

Eathan Caine Holloway, 20, 2692 Fairview Road, Covington, Jan. 19. Failure to appear.

Austin Troy Hughes, 21, 15 Hunters Ridge Drive, Covington, Jan. 21. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

Joseph Frederick Ivey, 43, Lithonia, Jan. 24. Probation violation.

Betty Louise Jackson, 45, 45 Grayson Lane, Covington, Jan. 22. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

Jimmie Dow Layne, 52, 8127 Suwannee Lane, Covington, Jan. 23. Family Violence Act battery.

Jameson Kenny Lewis, 21, 142 Neely Hammonds Road, Covington, Jan. 25. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, DUI.

Justin Shane Lykins, 35, Conyers, Jan. 22. DUI, affixing tint to windows or windshields.

James Richard Maness, 43, 46 A Bates Road, Covington, Jan. 19. Family Violence Act battery.

Charles Hphear McBryde, 34, 330 Shiver Blvd., Covington, Jan. 21. Driving while license suspended.

Jackie Marie Millwood, 37, Conyers, Jan. 21. Driving while license suspended.

Virginia Susan Moore, 21, 2433 Ga. Highway 81, Oxford, Jan. 19. Duty of driver to stop at or report, DUI, failure to yield.

Bridgette Lenise Morrison, 27, 150 Harville Road, Covington, Jan. 19. Hold for Monroe County.

Margaret Ann Moss, 53, 40 Village Walk, Covington, Jan. 22. Improper lane usage, driving while license suspended.

Vermell Mouzon, 56, Manning, S.C., Jan. 24. Deposit account fraud.

Sylvia Marie Parker, 53, 230 Falls Crossing, Covington, Jan. 20. Two counts felony possession of marijuana.

Pavielle Shanique Ponder, 26, Conyers, Jan. 24. Probation violation.

James Robert Pruitt Jr., 31, 9129 Bridewell Ave., Covington, Jan. 22. Theft by taking.

Limarris D. Redmon, 27, Conyers, Jan. 22. Disorderly conduct.

Jesus Martinez Sanchez, 20, Riverdale, Jan. 24. Failure to dim bright lights, driving without a license.

Jacqueline Marie Segarra, 23, Columbia, S.C., Jan. 24. Speeding, driving without license.

Anglia Dawn Stanfill, 34, Monticello, Jan. 21. Carrying a concealed weapon, carrying deadly weapons.

Shameka Shawanna-Nicole Stanley, 18, 50 Baker Ave., Oxford, Jan. 19. First degree forgery, printing, executing, negotiating checks.

Mark Anthony Stephens, 57, Conyers, Jan. 24. DUI, improper lane usage.

Calvin Maurice Thomas, 27, 280 Green Commons Drive, Covington, Jan. 19. Family Violence Act battery, third degree cruelty to children.

Antoine Rashad Tucker, 21, Conyers, Jan. 22. Probation violation.

Linda Faye White, 37, P.O. Box 64, Oxford, Jan. 19. Driving while license suspended.

Brandon Scott Williams, 25, Loganville, Jan. 23. Battery.

Daniel Gregory Williams, 28, 155 Hunters Trace, Covington, Jan. 20. Second degree cruelty to children.

Denetha Marie Wise, 34, 13 Spruce St., Porterdale, Jan. 22. Open container, driving without headlights, DUI.