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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 18
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o Joshua Lafabian Hardeman, 19, Decatur, Jan. 30. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.
o Shannon Purcell Haynes, 34, 5144 Lot A, Bede Dr., Covington, Jan. 28. Bench warrant.
o Jessica Anne Hicks, 18, Conyers, Feb. 1. Disorderly conduct.
o Ryan Peters Horne, 17, 105 King James Court, Covington, Jan. 28. Family Violence Act simple assault, prohibited acts.
o Christopher Thomas Huff, 37, 40 Cedar Road, Covington, Jan. 30. DUI, driving without headlights.
o Michael Lamalcom Johnson, 17, 135 Lakeside Circle, Covington, Feb. 2. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, failure to appear.
o Wendell Jerome Johnson, 77, 5200 Tew Lane, Covington, Feb. 2. Vehicles to drive on right side, DUI.
o Hope Francina Kinard, 31, 215 Butler Bridge Circle, Covington, Jan. 28. Simple battery.
o George Walter King, 17, 112 South Johnson St., Newborn, Jan. 28. Criminal trespass, burglary.
o Veronica Lynn Kruel, 25, 235 Dixie Trail, Covington, Jan. 30. Improper lane usage, DUI.
o Thomas Anthony Marr, 39, 9213 Settlers Grove Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Theft by receiving stolen property.
o Quayle Kareem Montoute, 17, 115 Stoney Pointer, Covington, Feb. 1. Open container, furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.
o Brenda Denise Norman, 35, 11730 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, Feb. 1. Court sentenced.
o Shanelle Karimah Norman, 26, Marietta, Feb. 1. Theft by shoplifting.
o Bridgette Yvonne Printup, 19, Conyers, Jan. 29. Disorderly conduct.
o Bernice Bernadette Robinson, 29, 9213 Settlers Grove Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Theft by receiving stolen property.
o Tavares Jeron Robinson, 22, 10612 Wellington Dr., Covington, Jan. 31. Driving without a license, driving without headlights.
o Erick Lee Salinas, 27, 255 Friar Tuck Circle, Jan. 30. Deposit account fraud.
o Tomas Sanchez-Ramirez, 36, Cornerstone Lodge, Covington, Jan. 30. Failure to dim bright lights, license required (surrender of).
o Joseph Allan Schrimsher, 26, Conyers, Jan. 28. Bench warrant.
o Jack Brian Scott, 40, 25 Whitney Court, Covington, Jan. 30. Child support default.
o Henry Ann Smith, 49, 3119 Bohannon St., Covington, Jan. 31. Public drunk.
o Jonathan Michael Smith, 24, Lithonia, Jan. 31. Probation violation.
o Danny Ernest Spence, 31, Green Acres Court, Covington, Jan. 29. Reckless driving, DUI.
o Terry Kervern Spring, 21, 20 Oakhurst Blvd., Oxford, Feb. 2. Probation violation.
o Brian Nicholas Stiggers, 25, Lithonia, Jan. 29. City of Covington sentence.
o Levi Ross Thompson, 27, 1833 A Access Road, Covington, Jan. 30. Impersonating a public officer.
o James Willie Underwood, 19, 50 Sagebrush Trail, Covington, Jan. 28. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
o Demetrius Deangelo Vickers, 17, 220 Capeton Court, Covington, Jan. 30. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct.
o Raymond Jamell Victor, 20, 525 A Moore St., Oxford, Jan. 29. Probation violation.
o Katedra Denise Wade, 17, 10701 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Feb. 1. Theft by taking.
o David Lee Wells, 43, Winder, Feb. 3. Probation violation.
o Craig Don Williams, 29, 431 Kirkland Road, Apt. 4212, Covington, Jan. 28. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
o Eddie Lamar Williams, 40, 6128 Ruth St., Covington, Jan. 28. DUI alcohol and drugs less safe, license required (surrender of).
o Kytrone Ramon Williams, 30, Shady Dale, Feb. 3. Simple battery.
o Altoine Bouvier Wilson, 42, 230 Longcreek Dr., Covington, Jan. 29. Court sentenced to 44 hours.
o Chris Douglas Womack, 29, 2 Elm St., Porterdale, Jan. 30. To serve weekends in jail.
o Therone Dermara Woods, 23, Snellville, Feb. 1. DUI, DUI less safe, possession of marijuana.