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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 10
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Jonise Naquiihia Hartsfeild, 25, 30 Lakeridge Court, Covington, Jan. 14. Probation violation.

Joshua Scott Hudson, 21, 10318 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Jan. 15. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Becky Marie Hughey, 30, 2214 Lee St., Covington, Jan. 17. Rockdale County hold.

Melton Hunt Jr., 26, Lumberton, N.C., Jan. 13. Driving while license suspended.

Henry Michael Jenkins, 49, Conyers, Jan. 16. Driving while license suspended, no tag lights.

James Lee Jenkins, 17, Madison, Jan. 14. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

David Arnold Keel, 45, Conyers, Jan. 15. Seeding, notice of change of address, driving while license suspended.

Ikesha Zaire Kent-Brown, 17, 20 Mariposa Place, Covington, Jan. 16. License required, surrender of, no insurance.

Jamie Trevor Lloyd, 22, 145 Gum Creek Trail, Oxford, Jan. 11. Aggravated assault.

Paul Levon McCall, 60, 45 Townley Road, Oxford, Jan. 13. Family Violence Act simple assault, interfering with a 911 call, FVA third degree cruelty to children.

Adrian Frank Morgan, 36, Macon, Jan. 11. Probation violation.

Guadalupe Ponce-Rodriguiz, 20, Monroe, Jan. 16. License required, surrender of.

Shawn Antonio Scott, 35, Decatur, Jan. 14. Speeding.

Stephen Gerod Sidwell, 45, 4297 Robinson St., Covington, Jan. 12. Probation violation.

Tommy Jerome Smith Jr., 27, 6143 Green St., Covington, Jan. 11. Disorderly conduct.

Teraneka Kiarra Taylor, 20, Austel, Jan. 14. Driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance.

Robert Lee Tucker Jr., 31, Stone Mountain, Jan. 13. Abandonment of dependent child.

Darrell Desean Walker, 22, Atlanta, Jan. 16. Theft of services, tampering with utilities.

Joey Watts, 39, 40 Lake Charles Court, Covington, Jan. 13. Simple battery, disorderly conduct.

Demarrio Ssnquanlis Williams, 29, Atlanta, Jan. 15. Public drunkenness.

Marijo Danielle Williams, 33, 10408 Magnolia Heights Circle, Covington, Jan. 16. Possession of cocaine.

John Franklin Adkins Jr., 40, Byron, Jan. 20. Probation violation.

Sandino Mendell Aikens, 24, 10160 Allen Drive, Covington, Jan. 21. Probation violation.

Karen Delaine Barnhardt, 44, 288 Tanyard Road, Covington, Jan. 23. Identity theft.

Barry Beal Jr., 41, Marietta, Jan. 19, Back for court, probation violation.

Ja'mar Paul Benson, 21, 180 Ga. Highway 212, Covington, Jan. 24. Possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, burglary.

Tony Lamar Benton, 43, 10134 Carlton Trail, Oxford, Jan. 18. Probation violation.

German Demeatrious Brown, 20, 13 Pine st., Porterdale, Jan. 24. Burglary.

Ramos Derrell Chapell, 21, Atlanta, Jan. 18. Probation violation.

Darrell Antonio Crowder, 51, Decatur, Jan. 24. Murder, felony murder, possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, burglary, first degree cruelty to children, second degree cruelty to children, murder, felony murder.

Genia Louise Delee, 24, Monticello, Jan. 23. First degree forgery.

Lauren Elise Eatherly, 27, 165A Mount Tabor Road, Covington, Jan. 22. Theft by taking.

Michael Edward Eskew, 48, Conyers, jan. 19. Probation violation.

Willie Fagon, 72, 2400 Elks Club Road, Covington, Jan. 24. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, terroristic threats and acts.

Teffarra Revette Farrow, 29, 155 Myrtle Cove, Covington, Jan. 21. Probation violation.

Kenny Henry Fitts, 52, Atlanta, Jan. 23. Probation violation.

Nathan Anthony Gentris, 23, 28 Gum Tree Court, Covington, Jan. 24. burglary, possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender probationers, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, loitering or prowling.

Joseph Dwayne Gier, 24, 14 Elm St., Porterdale, Ga. 18. Probation violation.

Ervin James Gray, 25, Conyers, Jan. 24. Court sentenced, probation violation.

Airrion Maxwell Honeyghan, 34, 431 Kirkland Road, Pat. 2232, Covington, Jan. 24. Bench warrant.

David Christopher Hurst, 45, 2116 Hendrix St., Covington, Jan. 22. Two counts theft by shoplifting, surety offense.

Victoria Angelina Jackson, 21, Snellville, Jan. 24. Driving without headlights in the dark, driving while license suspended or revoked, first offense.

Terry Michael Johnson, 34, 11 Bay St., Porterdale, Jan. 23. Probation violation.

John Daniel Jones, 20, Atlanta, Jan. 23. Failure to appear.

Kerry Alexander Kilpatrick, 20, 10155 Puckett St., Covington, Jan. 20. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Lawrence Torrell LaFleur, 18, 45 Pebble Drive, Covington, Jan. 24. Possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, loitering or prowling, burglary.

Merlin Louis Maddox, 52, 730 B Oak Hill Road, Covington, Jan. 19. Probation violation.

Ericka Lachell Mathis, 35, 75 Flat Rock Road, Oxford, Jan. 18. Probation violation, two counts child support default.