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Newton County Jail Log - Dec. 17
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A name has been changed in this jail blotter. A father was mistakenly listed, but it was the son of the same name that was actually arrested.

James Roland Ward, 45, Nicholson, Dec. 2. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Stacy Eidson West, 53, 1225 Lake Stone Drive, Oxford, Dec. 3. Theft by shoplifting.

Brittany Erin White, 24, 2084 Ga. Highway 81, Oxford, Dec. 1. Theft by shoplifting.

Princess Perle Williams, 47, Cornerstone, Covington, Dec. 2. Public drunk.

David Wayne Woodbury Jr., 47, 1891 Access Road, Lot 137, Covington, Dec. 7. Family Violence Act battery, FVA simple battery, third degree cruelty to children.

Harold Anthony, 38, Stone Mountain, Dec. 13. Abandonment of dependent child.

Yolanda Marie Arnett, 33, 85 Beaver Dam Lane, Covington, Dec. 14. Schedule III, drugs to be kept in original container.

Robert David Austin, 30, 135 Lazy Hollow Lane, Covington, Dec. 13. Parole violation.

Matthew Conan Barber, 26, Monticello, Dec. 10. Probation violation.

Teresa Lynne Barefield, 47, 2182 Gum Creek Road, Oxford, Dec. 14. Family Violence Act aggravated assault.

William Joshua Bilbrey, 30, Monroe, Dec. 10. Probation violation.

Igor Bjelobrk, 19, Roswell, Dec. 12. License to be carried and exhibited on demand, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Dennis Boles, 45, 2230 Village Drive, Covington, Dec. 14. Disorderly conduct.

Orive B. Crawford IV, 38, 310 Lake Stone Lee Drive, Oxford, Dec. 14. Hunting without license, hunting without big game license, possession of illegally taken wildlife, cruelty to animals.

Lamarr Quintile Crofford, 40, 145 Willow Tree Terrace, Covington, Dec. 9. Probation violation.

Marcus Andrew Fambrough, 26, Conyers, Dec. 14. Failure to register sex offender.

Jesus Jimenez Fuentes, 27, 1194 Blackwell St., Covington, Dec. 13. Stop signs and yield signs, license required (surrender of prior licenses).

Bryan Lee Gore, 21, 50 Meadow Wood Drive, Covington, Dec. 10. Probation violation.

Brian Lee Heflin, 21, Conyers, Dec. 13. Probation violation.

William Joseph Henaghan, 41, 10811 Broken Bridge Road, Covington, Dec. 11. Disorderly conduct, public intoxication.

Ronald Keith Johnson, 25, 15 Stone Commons Way, Covington, Dec. 9. Probation violation.

Scottie O'Neil Johnson, 40, 876 Lower River Road, Covington, Dec. 14. Drugs to be kept in original container, Schedule III.

Willie Joe Johnson, 49, 1133 Dixie Road, Covington, Dec. 13. Interfering with a 911 call.

Alexis Cornelius Jones, 19, 205 Claremont Drive, Covington, Dec. 14. Theft by receiving stolen property, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Tindale Thomas Kemp Jr., 17, 160 Brighton Drive, Covington, Dec. 14. Sodomy, aggravated sodomy, child molestation, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, public indecency.

Megan Leigh Kochis, 23, Conyers, Dec. 8. Driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), no proof of insurance, operation of vehicle without current plate, expired plate (first offense) suspended, revoked or canceled registration, no seat belts.

John Barry Looney, 47, Social Circle, Dec. 13. Burglary, possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

Timothy John Mannor, 53, Ga. Highway 11, Mansfield, Dec. 14. Hold for probation.