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Newton County Jail Log 2/25/09
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Rodney Tearle Glenn, 17, 230 Pebble Brooke Pass, Covington, Feb. 5. Duty of driver to stop at or report, following too closely, instruction permits.

Brian Patrick Gomes, 26, 1350 Victoria Lane, Oxford, Feb. 10. Investigative hold.

Carlos Maya Miguel Gomez, 24, Conyers, Feb. 10. Driving without license, affixing tint to windows or windshields.

T’Mesia Shantavies Green, 21, Snellville, Feb. 8. Construction zone speed limit.

Tristan O’Bryan Green, 25, 9163 Blackwell St., Covington, Feb. 8. Criminal trespass, simple battery.

Erick Paul Green, 40, 14957 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Feb. 9. Deposit account fraud.

Sederca O’Neal Harris, 27, Eatonton, Feb. 7. Speeding in construction zone, wrong class of.

Sheena Nicole Hopton, 24, 6149 Gordy St., Covington, Feb. 6. Theft by shoplifting.

Waymond Alexander Ivey Jr., 41, Warner Robins, Feb. 5. First degree forgery.¬¬

Jeremy Jabrockdevar Jackson, 17, 110 Robertford Dr., Covington, Feb. 10. Battery.

Darin Anthony Jacobs, 33, Leland, N.C., Feb. 7. Duty to report accident, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, duty of driver to stop at or report.

Vester Andrew Johnson, 23, College park, Feb. 10. Driving while license suspended.

Stephen Randolph Kuehn, 52, 100 Pine Tree Dr., Covington, Feb. 4. Expiration and renewal of license, DUI/alcohol.

Nicholas Allan Lederer, 29, 91 Edgefield Lane, Covington, Feb. 10. Leaving the scene of accident, driving while license suspended, following too closely.

Jonathan Lynn Maroney, 28, 800 GA. Highway 212, No. C., Covington, Feb. 5. Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct.

Sheila Nita McKenzie, 43, Atlanta, Feb. 5. Deposit account fraud.

Caleb Nathaniel McNulty, 19, 11030 Flatshoals Road, Covington, Feb. 7. Theft of services.

Sotero Anselmo Mendiola, 68, Kathlen, Feb. 4. Driving without license, failure to stop.

Manuel Gonzalez Mendoza, 33, 51 Kellogg St., Mansfield, Feb. 7. Driving without license, no child restraint.

Kristina Elizabeth Moore, 31, 545 Jack Neely Road, Covington, Feb. 5. DUI, required position and method.

Mykell Shawntiera Nellon, 17, 106 Stone Ridge Way, Covington, Feb. 4. Terroristic threats and acts, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Kelly James Olson, 51, 375 Conley Ditch Road, Covington, Feb. 5. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Jeffery Wade Pace, 39, Conyers, Feb. 5. Theft by shoplifting.

Phaban Mabrey Pandy, 29, 8120 Cardav Court, Covington, Feb. 4. License required (surrender of), no seat belts, possession of marijuana.

Niesha Keyona Reid, 31, 35 Havenwood Lane, Covington, Feb. 5. Aggravated assault.

Kermit James Rodriguez, 30, 55 cold Springs Court, Covington, Feb. 10. Driving while license suspended, DUI per se.

Michael Robert Rouse Jr., 39, 5280 North Emory St., Covington, Feb. 4. Leaving the scene of accident, driving while license suspended, open container.

Robert Wayne Smith, 49, 800 Ga. Highway 212, No. C., Covington, Feb. 5. Terroristic threats and acts obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Ronald David Sullivan, 50, Rome, Feb. 8. Speeding.

Edward Lee Sumerlin, 48, 4131 Lott St., Covington, Feb. 6. Family Violence Act battery.

Raymond Wesley Tedder, 42, 140 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 26, Covington, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Quentin Sancho Terrell, 22, 1638 Kirkland Road, Covington, Feb. 8. Disorderly conduct.

Wilbaldo Saldana Vazquez, 21, 10153 Henderson Dr., Covington, Feb. 6. Driving without license, duty upon striking unattended object.

David Wayne Walker, 42, Monticello, Feb. 8. Alteration of license plates, limited driving permits.

Antonio Delantay West, 30, Conyers, Feb. 5. Burglary, simple battery.

Chauntae larrera Williams, 25, Augusta, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Farrell Dquan Williams, 43, 6153 Washington St., Covington, Feb. 4. Driving without a license, theft by shoplifting.

Albert Wayne Wilson, 41, 120 Greens Commons Dr., Covington, Feb. 6. Probation violation.

Randy Lewis Windom, 41, 25 Northwood Springs Dr., Oxford, Feb. 7. Improper lane usage, driver shall exercise care, DUI.

Wanda Evette Wright, 24, Augusta, Feb. 7. No child restraint, construction zone speed limit.

Vickie Murphy Young, 56, Commerce, Feb. 4. Three counts deposit account fraud.

Erica Susan Alford, 21, Lithonia, Feb. 12. Burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Jeremy James Anderson, 27, Jackson, Feb. 13. Court sentenced to work release.

Wesley Sharell Avery, 20, 9250 Carr Circle, Covington, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

Preston Leonard Baccus, 26, 10146 Straphinge Trail, Covington, Feb. 11. Burglary.

Derrick Nashaun Belcher, 29, 212 East Richardson St., Oxford, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

Ramona Fay Bruce, 49, 184 Crowell Road, Covington, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

William Asa Bryant, 40, 50 Dearing Cove, Covington, Feb. 13. Child support default.

Antonio Dontay Cook, 26, 4308 Carroll St., Covington, Feb. 17. Probation violation.

Michael Eugene Couch, 33, 454 Veal Road, Covington, Feb. 13. Court sentenced to work release.

John Franklin Davis, 19, 125 Christian Wood Dr., Covington, Feb. 13. Probation violation.

Kim O’Neal Dennis, 35, Decatur, Feb. 13. Probation violation.

Angela Patricia Dickerson, 52, 105 Dianne Trail, Covington, Feb. 17. Drugs to be kept in original container, hold for probation warrant, possession of Schedule I & II drugs.

Marquis O’Neal Dyer, 22, 10203 Heritage Park, Covington, Feb. 12. Probation violation, child support default.

Willie Roger Evans, 47, Monroe, Feb. 16. Court sentenced.

Sascha Sven Feliciano, 30, 10111 Old Atlanta Highway, Covington, Feb. 17. Contempt of court.

Glenn Walter Foster, 49, 2538 Elks Club Road, Feb. 14. Probation violation, failure to appear.

Jamarro Montez Gibbs, 27, 5147 Eberheart St., Covington, Feb. 16. Child support default.

Noel Egerton Grant, 33, homeless, Feb. 13. Probation violation.

Tmela Lashae Hailey, 20, Conyers, Feb. 13. Probation violation.

Pamela Lacey Hall, 20, 288 Tanyard Road, Covington, Feb. 17. Warrant, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

William Anthony Harris, 19, 185 Windsor Way, Oxford, Feb. 17. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

Melvin Heath, 48, Decatur, Feb. 11. Court sentenced to 29 days.

Steven William Hill, 19, Monroe, Feb. 16. Court sentenced to 120 days work release.

Ronnie O’Neal Hurst, 23, 4215 Mote Road, Covington, Feb. 12. Aggravated stalking, Family Violence Act battery, cruelty to children.

Eugene Edwin Johnson Jr., 51, 309 Emory St., Oxford, Feb. 17. Theft by deception (auto).

Gerald Howard Jones, 41, Conyers, Feb. 14. Warrant, public drunk, criminal trespass, loitering and prowling.

Henry Guy Jones, 48, Lilburn, Feb. 16. Contempt of court.

Richard Casey Lee, 30, 300 Wapakeaneta Trail, Oxford, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

Anthony Lamar Leslie, 27, 5113 Berry St., Covington, Feb. 11. Possession, distribution of controlled substance (cocaine), sale of controlled substance (Ecstasy).

Christopher Orlando Livingston, 41, 4130 Elizabeth St., Covington, Feb. 11. Driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), failure to stop at stop sign.

Thomas Stanley Marxhall, 20, 70 Woodcliff Way, Covington, Feb. 13. Court sentenced to work release.

Fred Douglas McKnight, 30, 4 Poplar St., Porterdale, Feb. 17. Probation violation.

Aaron Leigh Obeginski, 49, 1612 Rocky Plains Road, Covington, Feb. 14. Aggravated child molestation.

Dilmus Raymond Pippin, 33, 200 Ellis Road, Oxford, Feb. 17. Probation violation.

James lee Presley, 35, Lithonia, Feb. 14. Possession of cocaine.

Jonathan Kyle Price, 30, 1125 Ga. Highway 213, Covington, Feb. 16. Simple battery.

Aaron Christopher Prickett, 27, Conyers, Feb. 16. Hold for probation warrant.

Roy Chester Reid, 49, Atlanta, Feb. 16. Probation violation.

Kenneth James Roberts, 44, 65 Mabry Farm Court, Covington, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

Barry Wayne Sears, 31, 80 Stone Creek Dr., Covington, Feb. 17. Probation violation.

Krystle Renae Slaton, 23, 9130 Cedar ridge Dr., Covington, Feb. 15. Theft by shoplifting (third offense), failure to appear.

Tommy Lee Smith, 42, 106 Valley St., Newborn, Feb. 11. Possession, sale of cocaine, probation violation.

Ronald Aulshihud Stephens, 19, Conyers, Feb. 14. Court sentenced to work release.

Zachary Lewis Stewart, 21, 14448 B Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Feb. 16. Probation violation.

Timothy Michael Terry, 19, 55 Aiken Way, Covington, Feb. 16. Probation violation.

Elizabeth France Trepanowski, 24, Conyers, Feb. 13. Court sentenced to eight days.

Travis Lorenzo Tuggle, 33, 20 Lee St., Covington, Feb. 11. Two counts possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

Ronnie Jay Vining, 52, 300 Lakeside Dr., Covington, Feb. 16. Court sentenced to serve 10 days.

Cody Gene Walden, 31, 10150 Washington St., Covington, Feb. 17. Child support warrant.