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House hit by bullets in Covington

COVINGTON, Ga. –Covington police are looking for the person or people who shot up a house Saturday night.

According to a Covington Police Department incident report, officers responded to the home on Allen Drive at 10:42 p.m. March 3 on a report of a discharged firearm. The caller reportedly told dispatch that her house had been hit by bullets.

When police arrived at the scene, they spoke with the victim who said she and her sons had been watching television in the living room when they began to hear loud gunshots. According to the report, the victim said she told her sons to get on the floor and that they stayed there until the shooting ended.

Police reportedly observed what appeared to be 11 points of impact from bullets hitting the house. According to the report, inside the living room, two bullets penetrated the outer wall. One bullet appeared to have entered and struck the ceiling before hitting a support beam in the center of the home.

The other bullet reportedly appeared to have gone through the house going through a cloth hanging and exiting on the other side of the home through the wall. According to the report, in the bedroom closest to the living room, police found what appeared to be a bullet hole coming through the wall and a bullet on the bed adjacent to the hole.

No injuries were reported in the incident. A CPD spokesman said there are no leads in the case.