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Henderson probation revoked after guilty plea
Jessie Henderson
Jessie Cordavious Henderson

COVINGTON, Ga. - The son of a Newton County commissioner will be going to prison after pleading guilty to felony probation violation and other charges in Newton County Superior Court Thursday afternoon.

Jessie Cordavious Henderson, son of District 4 Commissioner J.C. Henderson, was charged with felony probation violation following his May arrest on charges of criminal damage to property and obstructing or hindering an emergency telephone call.

He was accused of breaking the phone of the mother of his 1-year-old child as she tried to call 911 during an argument and then hitting her car with a rock. Henderson pleaded guilty to those charges.

Henderson’s felony probation stemmed from a 2014 guilty plea to a burglary charge. As part of that sentence, he received first offender status and a sentence of 10 years of probation.

In court Thursday, Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Samuel Ozburn revoked Henderson’s first offender status. The burglary conviction will now become part of Henderson’s record.

According to Newton County Assistant District Attorney Bailey R. Simkoff, the probation revocation means Henderson will be going to prison.

“For the probation matter, the balance of the 10 years (approximately six) was revoked to prison, suspended upon the entry and completion of RSAT,” she said in an email.

According to the Georgia Department of corrections website, “RSAT is a nine-month residential substance abuse treatment program, which targets high risk, high needs offenders with a history of substance abuse as a crime-producing behavior leading to correctional supervision.”

RSAT also has an after care component to be completed upon release from confinement.

Henderson and his father, who attended the hearing, told Ozburn the Jessie Henderson’s problems stem from his substance abuse.

“Give him help,” Commissioner Henderson asked.

Ozburn sentenced Henderson to probation for his guilty plea to the charges of criminal damage to property and obstructing or hindering an emergency telephone call.

Simkoff said that probated sentence will run consecutive to any other sentence he is now serving (the burglary).