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Eastside student charged after Taser pulled during fight at school

COVINGTON, Ga. — An Eastside High School student is facing charges of carrying a weapon on school grounds and assault after a Taser was pulled during an altercation between two teen girls in the school's student parking lot this week.

Julie Jasmin Portillo, 17, was arrested and charged with Carrying Weapons within School Safety Zones and Affray, which is fighting in a public place, following the Monday, Nov. 8, incident.

The other girl in the fight, Bria Kathryn Ham, also 17, was charged with Affray.

The two were booked into the Newton County Detention Center Tuesday and later released. Portillo was released on bond, according to jail records.

A Newton County Sheriff's Office report stated Principal Jeff Cher called School Resource Officer Earl Nesbitt to a fight in the student parking lot.

The report on the 3:15 p.m. incident did not name the weapon but classified it as “other firearm” and not a handgun.

Newton County School System spokesperson Sherri Partee said two students "engaged in an altercation after hours in the parking lot at Eastside High School" and "one of the participants involved discharged a Taser." 

No injuries were reported, she said. 

"In addition to possible legal charges, both students will be disciplined for violating the student Code of Conduct," Partee said.

Conviction on the weapons charge, which is a felony, could bring a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment between two and 10 years, according to state law.

In addition, the school's district's Code of Conduct states that violation of its illegal weapons prohibition makes the student subject to at least 10 days of suspension and referral to a formal hearing, while violation of the fighting prohibition includes a 10-day suspension and referral for a hearing, the Code states.

"Misbehavior governed by the code may occur during school hours, outside school hours, on school grounds or campus, off school grounds or campus, at school-sponsored activities whether on or off school grounds/campus, and/or on school-sponsored transportation."