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Covington drive-by shootings reported
Hospital security guard injured in scuffle with patient
Covington police

COVINGTON, Ga. — Covington Police reported drive-by shootings and other violent acts at four separate locations in the city over the past weekend that shook up residents and left a hospital security guard injured.

A 26-year-old Covington man was facing assault charges after a security guard reportedly broke his leg trying to subdue the suspect after he became confrontational with hospital staff at Piedmont Newton Hospital early Monday.

The man, identified as Master Perry, was charged with Aggravated Battery and Possession of Marijuana of less than 1 ounce following the incident which occurred Monday at about 1 a.m. at the hospital in Covington.

A report stated that hospital officials told the officer Perry came into the hospital Sunday about 11 p.m. and asked for blood to be taken for testing because "he wasn't feeling right."

After the suspect asked for more blood to be taken for testing, he "became increasingly agitated" and refused to go with a nurse to another room for the blood to be drawn. 

After becoming confrontational with nurses, a security guard "physically escorted" the suspect, the report stated.

"Mr. Perry struck the (guard) and placed him in a headlock. A second security guard ... tried to help his coworker and both guards struggled to detain Mr. Perry,” the report stated.

One of the guards then tripped during the fight and broke his leg, after which Perry "realized what he had done" and "calmed down and took a seat."

After the officer arrived at the hospital, Perry "continuously talked around my questions" about what happened, he reported. 

The officer then reportedly placed Perry in handcuffs "for the safety of everyone in the room" and the suspect "continued to deny his actions" before being placed in a patrol car for transport to the county jail.

Perry was being held in the Newton County Detention Center after being charged with Aggravated Battery and Possession of Marijuana of less than 1 ounce. 

In a separate incident, officers responded to a report of a drive-by shooting at a residence in the area of Allen Drive and Morris Drive Sunday, Sept. 26, at 9:50 p.m.

"Several callers" contacted 911 operators about gunshots being fired from a vehicle which sped away from the area, a report stated.

A victim told officers he was working on a bicycle with his son in the driveway of his Allen Drive residence when a white Toyota Corolla with tinted windows drove by.

He said a man wearing a white hooded jacket and mask was in the front seat and began shooting at him and his son, the man told officers. Bullets struck a vehicle and the residence and the vehicle left towards Morris Drive. No injuries were reported.

The same suspect may have been involved with other drive-by shootings in the area, the report stated.

Officers collected a total of 14 shell casings from a 9mm handgun from the roadway in front of the residence.

In another drive-by shooting incident, Covington officers responded to a call about gunfire in the area of Puckett Street and Chaney Drive Saturday, Sept. 25, and found a residence had been struck but no one injured.

Officers responded to the call about 1:25 p.m. and reported finding 9mm and 40-caliber shell casings in front of a residence on Puckett Street. However, there were no eyewitnesses, the report stated. 

And in a separate incident involving a handgun, a Griffin man was facing Aggravated Assault and weapons and drug charges after demanding money while waving a handgun around inside a residence on Haynes Court Friday, Sept. 24.

Victims and witnesses told police the suspect, identified as John Ward, 49, waved the handgun in the air and demanded money before pointing it at one of the victims.

After officers searched the suspect and found a needle in his pocket, the suspect said he was a diabetic and used the needle for insulin. The officers then searched the suspect's vehicle and found suspected methamphetamine and other items designed to prepare the drug for use.

Ward was charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Firearm by a convicted felon and during commission of a crime; and other crimes.

Officers collected evidence at the scene including a Glock .357-caliber magazine and 10 .357-caliber bullets.