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Crime: Neighbor complains of pantless man
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Investigators with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office are exploring a complaint made by a woman who said her male neighbor frequently walks around outside naked and touches himself in an inappropriate manner.

The woman reportedly told investigators that her neighbor has been doing this for nearly a year. She said he would walk around his lot, located on the Access Road, with Velcro shorts on and sits at a table beside his home touching himself inappropriately. She also reported that she has seen him walk around his lot with his private area exposed.

She told investigators that she did not see any children in the area during the times her neighbor committed these acts but that there were children who lived in the area.

Dirty baby bottle leads to fight

A Covington man was arrested Sunday night after a fight broke out because of dirty baby bottles.

Officers from the Covington Police Department received several hang-up calls from a home on Tara Drive. Dispatch operators could reportedly hear a woman in the background begging a man not to hit her.

When officers arrived they saw two men outside the home. One said he was there to give his friend Jarvis Smith a ride, because Smith and his wife had been arguing. Smith reportedly told officers the argument started when his wife accused him of giving their son a dirty bottle. Officers asked Smith if the argument had turned physical, because they noticed scratches on him; he reportedly said no.

Officers then asked if he had been drinking and he told them he had only been drinking since about 2 p.m.; however, it was around 9 p.m. at the time.

When officers went inside the home they found pieces of flowers on the floor and Smith’s wife with scratches on her neck and a torn shirt. She allegedly told officers that Smith grabbed her around the throat during the dirty bottle argument. She said it all started when Smith brought a bottle downstairs to put milk in. She said she told him it was dirty and to get a new bottle, but when she tried to take it from him, Smith grabbed her around the throat.

She admitted to hitting her husband in an attempt to get him off her.

She said that when he drinks he “gets extremely violent with her.”

Smith was arrested for battery and criminal trespass under the Family Violence Act.