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Crime: Kissed with a fist
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A woman was reportedly punched in the face by her boyfriend when she threatened to “find another man” Friday evening.
Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Tew Lane.

The homeowner allegedly told them her uncle and hisgirlfriend came to visit and got into an argument outside of the home.

She said her uncle left and his girlfriend came into the house with a busted lip, claiming the uncle had hit her in the mouth.
The couple then left in separate vehicles. While they were speaking with officers, the victim called the homeowner’s phone and said she was at the BP gas station.

Officers arrived at the station and found the victim changing a tire. She had a swollen lip and an abrasion on her face.
When asked what happened, she reportedly told them her boyfriend had punched her in the mouth during an argument when she threatened to find another boyfriend.

She said she tried to run over her boyfriend, but struck the curb, flattening her tire. She said she may seek an arrest warrant on her boyfriend for the assault.

I had a headache
A Covington woman attempted to get out of a drug arrest by reportedly telling officers that the lone Oxycodone in her purse was given to her for a headache.

Officers were called to a hotel because a woman said that Christopher Deon Smalls hit her.

He denied striking the woman, but was drunk and disorderly, so officers arrested him on those charges.

Another female who was there at the time, Toni Exum, was also drunk. When officers searched her belongings, they found a pill folded into some cash. It was identified as Oxycodone. Exum reportedly told officers she did not have a prescription, but she had a headache a few weeks ago and someone had given her the pill for it.

The group was arrested and transported to the Newton County Jail. On the way there, Smalls reportedly urinated in the back of the patrol car, something he vehemently denied when they arrived at the jail, cursing at the officer and the jail staff.

Smalls was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct; Exum was charged with possession of Oxycodone and public drunkenness.